Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud: The Future of Video and Empowering Employee Communication


In the face of a challenging year marked by job cuts and a decline in stock value since its 2021 IPO, video-sharing platform Vimeo is undergoing a transformation. While the company may not be experiencing the same revenue growth as during the pandemic, CEO Anjali Sud remains optimistic about Vimeo’s future. Sud envisions Vimeo as a platform that empowers businesses to leverage video for work, making it easier and more accessible for employees and teams to create and share content. With a focus on AI and other innovative technologies, Sud is preparing Vimeo for a video-first world and sees the potential of video as a powerful communication tool for organizations.

Pivoting towards the Enterprise Market:

Recognizing the changing landscape of video consumption, Anjali Sud emphasizes Vimeo’s shift from competing with YouTube to becoming a platform that powers video for work. This strategic pivot aligns with the growing demand for video communication and collaboration within enterprises. Sud believes that Vimeo has the potential to revolutionize the way employees, teams, and organizations create and share content, similar to the seamless experiences offered by popular social media platforms like TikTok.

Investing in AI and Technology:

To stay ahead in the evolving video landscape, Sud is committed to investing in cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI). AI has the potential to enhance the video creation process, streamline workflows, and enable personalized user experiences. By leveraging AI, Vimeo aims to provide innovative tools and features that simplify video production, editing, and distribution, empowering employees to communicate more effectively through video content.

From Competition to Collaboration:

Vimeo’s journey has not been limited to competing with YouTube; it has also embraced partnership and collaboration. Sud recognizes the value of working alongside industry giants to offer comprehensive solutions and tap into their respective strengths. By partnering with YouTube, Vimeo expands its reach and ensures that its platform remains a leading choice for businesses seeking a robust video ecosystem. This collaborative approach positions Vimeo as a key player in the video industry, facilitating seamless integration and empowering organizations to leverage video in a multitude of ways.

The Rise of Employee Communication:

In recent times, Anjali Sud has observed a growing interest in utilizing video as a means of internal communication within organizations. Vimeo is witnessing a shift from targeting marketing professionals to engaging with Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) who recognize the value of video in fostering employee engagement and effective communication. By leveraging video content, organizations can deliver messages in a more engaging and impactful manner, creating a stronger connection between leadership and employees.

Preparing for a Video-First World:

As the world becomes increasingly video-centric, Anjali Sud understands the importance of preparing Vimeo for a video-first future. With video becoming the preferred mode of communication in various domains, including education, remote work, and internal training, Vimeo is positioning itself as a leading platform to meet these evolving needs. By anticipating trends and investing in technology and innovation, Vimeo aims to empower businesses to harness the power of video to its fullest potential.


Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud is spearheading the platform’s transformation into a video powerhouse for the enterprise market. With a focus on making video creation and sharing accessible to every employee, team, and organization, Sud envisions Vimeo as a key player in the evolving video landscape. Through strategic investments in AI and technology, partnerships with industry leaders like YouTube, and a heightened focus on employee communication, Vimeo is poised to thrive in a video-first world. As organizations recognize the power of video to engage employees and foster effective communication, Vimeo stands ready to empower businesses with the tools and capabilities needed to succeed

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