Garth Garcia: Reaching New Territories And New Milestones

Pushing The Musical Boundaries In Latest EP “Lifelines”

The Filipino-American artist, Garth Garcia is set to perform a Homecoming Tour in the Philippines. Following the release of his latest project “Lifelines” he hopes to excite fans by taking them alongside this journey. Leaving his mark in the entertainment industry by releasing impressive new projects while reaching new musical territories Garth embodies a rising star to keep an eye on.

Effortlessly weaving different genres together, Garth has shown how he is pushing new boundaries with his latest EP. Including a variety of EDM, POP, and acoustic songs he tells a different story with each track with new sounds his listeners can see how evident the passion put into this EP.

Garth discusses in an exclusive interview that part of his recording process is advice he has received from other artists in order to produce the best work. He suggests being very intentional and to not rush the process to truly master a song. Speaking from his own experience, he allows himself to re-record and to take the needed time to finish a remarkable song.

He provides insight behind his writing process stating he becomes in tune with his creativity by relaying stories that resonate with his listeners. Writing songs that come from the depths of his creative mind and imagination. Remaining true to his artistic vision while embracing the opportunities that come with collaborating with other artists and producers.

Coming from a Filipino background has motivated the rising star to remain humbled by the growing support from his community. As his passion for music began at a young age, he remains grateful to use his platform to spread positivity and hopes to be embraced by a wider audience.

Preparing for his upcoming tour “Homecoming” that is set for March 2024, Garth is constantly working to perfect his performances. Set to perform at the his hit single, “Always in My Head,” and previously #1 on the U.S. iTunes Electronic Charts, is anticipated to be an exciting performance with a live band in the Philippines. The event is going to be a can’t-miss show at the Music Museum in Manila. More electrifying performances featuring his newest songs from the EP release.

It is set to be his first performance back in the Philippines since, “Star in a Million,” a ABS-CBN reality singing competition that he gained recognition as a finalist. Since then, he has made waves in the entertainment industry. Through his music and collaborations, he’s achieved a list of

impressive accomplishments, while simultaneously having his music climb the charts. The buzz surrounding his music has motivated and inspired him to continue to push himself to reach newer levels in his career.

Garth’s journey has been inspiring to witness. With performances in Toronto and London this Spring he proves with each new opportunity and milestone he is inspiring musicians everywhere with his ability to continuously evolve. The momentum behind his career promises an exciting future for the Filipino-American artist.