Climate Capitalist: Billionaire Heiress Dominika Kulczyk Bets Big on Renewable Energy


Perched on a vibrant orange couch within the historic Michelin House in London, Dominika Kulczyk, the heiress to one of Eastern Europe’s largest fortunes, passionately discusses her favorite subject – renewable energy. With an eclectic personality and a strong belief in feminine energy, Kulczyk is on a mission to create positive change in the world. From advocating for free sanitary pads in Polish schools to highlighting how the patriarchy contributes to climate change, Kulczyk is a force to be reckoned with. As she leans forward, almost falling off her seat, her dedication to her causes becomes apparent, and she aims to inspire others to join her in making a difference.

A Personal Philosophy:

For Dominika Kulczyk, every endeavor she undertakes is driven by her unwavering beliefs. Doubt is not a part of her vocabulary. With a contagious determination, she strives to create a ripple effect of positive change. This attitude has been a guiding principle throughout her life,

especially following her divorce from Polish prince Jan Lubomirski-Lanckoroński after a decade-long marriage. Her move to London seven years ago marked a new chapter in her life, where she continues to embrace her passions and advocate for causes close to her heart.

Empowering Feminine Energy:

Embracing feminine energy is a cornerstone of Kulczyk’s philosophy. By challenging gender norms and stereotypes, she aims to empower women to make their voices heard in areas traditionally dominated by men, including the field of renewable energy. Through her actions, Kulczyk seeks to break down barriers and create a more inclusive and sustainable world. Her red “menstrual dress” serves as a symbol of her commitment to raising awareness about the importance of providing free sanitary pads in schools, addressing a crucial aspect of gender equality.

Betting on Renewable Energy:

One of Kulczyk’s most significant endeavors is her focus on renewable energy. Recognizing the urgent need for sustainable solutions to combat climate change, she has emerged as a prominent advocate for renewable energy sources. With her vast wealth and resources, Kulczyk actively invests in clean technologies and supports initiatives that promote the transition to a low-carbon economy. Her commitment to the cause extends beyond financial investments, as she actively engages with policymakers and experts to drive change on a global scale.

Climate Change and the Patriarchy:

Kulczyk believes that the patriarchal structures within society exacerbate climate change. By challenging these structures and advocating for gender equality, she aims to foster a more balanced and sustainable world. Kulczyk highlights the importance of diverse voices and perspectives in shaping climate policies and solutions. Her determination to dismantle systemic inequalities is reflected not only in her personal actions but also through her philanthropic endeavors.

A Vision for the Future:

Dominika Kulczyk’s dedication to sustainability and renewable energy has positioned her as a trailblazer in the field of climate capitalism. With her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to making a positive impact, she serves as an inspiration for other individuals, especially women, to take an active role in addressing the pressing challenges of our time. Through her investments, activism, and philanthropy, Kulczyk strives to create a more sustainable and equitable future for generations to come.


Dominika Kulczyk, the billionaire heiress and climate capitalist, stands at the forefront of a movement advocating for renewable energy and gender equality. Her passion for sustainable solutions, coupled with her unwavering belief in the power of feminine energy, has propelled her to make significant contributions to the fight against climate.

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