Giving You All The Confidence Without The Stress

From the beginning Chin Simpson has sought a calling to help individuals struggling to find products for their skin, beginning with her younger brother. During the pandemic in 2020, Chin’s brother was diagnosed with psoriasis, so she began researching what would help. Shortly after a visit with her aunt, who owns a facility that develops and formulates skin care, Chin embarked on her journey of exhibiting quality in both the ingredients and the formulation.

Chin doesn’t shy from acknowledging the trials and tribulations that she has faced in the process, and she expresses gratitude in her family as her biggest motivator. Behind working towards success and expanding SKINPOEM, Chin hopes to to set an example for her daughters, sending a message of not being afraid to start something new and encouraging growth.

SKINPOEM has rebranded as of August 2023, combining Chin’s passion for both poetry and skincare. The new packaging includes positive affirmations on each product, differentiating itself from other skincare lines by promoting self love with more intention behind the application.

Whether you enjoy a seven-step skincare routine or prefer a more minimilistic approach with less, SKINPOEM has redefined the meaning of confidence. Convenient for any individual who wants to stick with a product they can use frequently while having all the elements that they are seeking. An all-around diverse brand that caters to your skin concerns. SKINPOEM sympathizes with the unrealistic expectations of what “good skin” looks like and is combating it by encouraging individuals to embrace the skin they have authentically in all stages.

Now, SKINPOEM is finding new ways to reach new audiences with Pop Ups and booths. At Flair Pop Up at The Fifth, many found their next skincare obsession at SKINPOEM’s booth. Displaying some of their most notable products such as the Overnight Radiance Activator with Phyto-retinol serum in cream, Hydrating and Brightening MistSunscream with SPF 50 PA +++ UVA/UVB, and more!

At BeautyCon 2023, a one-day event renowned for bringing communities of beauty together, SKINPOEM educated more customers and created more personable relationships. SKINPOEM is truly widening its horizons and breaking down barriers that were previously in place in the beauty industry.

SKINPOEM continues to expand its product range. Stay tuned for the latest product releasing soon, Bioactive Cerafluid Elixir Lotion. Beneficial to all skin types, SKINPOEM’s newest product may be just what you’re looking for, especially if you have a concern for your skin’s barrier and texture. The Bioavailable liquid ceramide improves skin elasticity and overall smoothness in skin. The elements provide long-term hydration while being anti-aging and anti-wrinkles.

SKINPOEM has been successful in understanding customers by providing new spaces, but welcoming authenticity and reinforcing positive affirmations.