Innovative Paths in Investment and AI Technology: Highlights from Industry Leaders Anna Stukkert, Sergey Nemesh, and Sean Michael Brehm

The International Investment Congress Press Conference, a pivotal event traditionally held in Cannes, took place on May 24th at the esteemed Hotel Barriere GRAY ALBION during the Cannes Film Festival. Hosted by Anna Stukkert and Thomas Misse, the organizer and President of the International Investment Congress Awards, the conference highlighted key investment trends for 2024. For more details, visit

Anna Stukkert led the Congress Press Conference, showcasing the event’s primary partner, Stalwart AI, as a prime example of lucrative investments in AI technology.

CONGRESS AWARDS 2024 Sensation of the Year

  • Sergey Nemesh – CEO, Stalwart AI
  • Konstantine Morosheen – CEO, Algoritmic Lab (managing company of Stalwart AI)

The session explored the distinctive features of Stalwart AI’s next-generation stablecoin, emphasizing how AI technology is revolutionizing investment by saving time and resources. Sergey Nemesh discussed merging traditional assets with cryptocurrencies to offer diverse investment opportunities. Konstantine Morosheen highlighted the transformative impact of adaptive neural networks on business landscapes.

Andreas Thalassinos, Partner at Stalwart AI, initiated the panel discussions with:

“A notable feature of this product is the use of Artificial Intelligence, known as the STALWART AI system, for automated asset rebalancing within the Stalwart ecosystem. Its unique strength lies in continuous sentiment analysis, enabling dynamic investment rebalancing and enhancing security. By continuously monitoring a variety of verified sources, the AI system adjusts asset allocation in real-time, ensuring an optimal balance of stability. This approach improves precision in risk management and facilitates adaptation to market dynamics. This pioneering solution fills a market gap, as no such system has previously existed globally.”

The Investment Congress Awards 2024 celebrated organizations making significant positive contributions to the investment industry. Various companies, funds, platforms, brokers, advisers, fashion industry, PRs, and media were recognized for their exceptional performance and distinctive attributes.

Alina Kremss – Renowned moderator. Partner of communication, interpreter for the President of Ukraine Leonyd Kravchuk (1992), at the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine, joint venture of Coca-Cola in Kyiv.

Special AWARDS – Innovations in Water Purification

Denys Sribnyi, founder of AKVANTIS, discussed the company’s cutting-edge water purification systems. Based in Bavaria, AKVANTIS aims to enhance global health by providing pure, healthy water through advanced filtration technologies. The company’s mission is to improve people’s quality of life by providing them with pure, healthy water, setting new standards in water treatment technology.

A conference highlight was the focused discussion on digital finance compliance: Cryptocurrency and Technological Innovations.

Dmitry Konoval – Chairman of a leading blockchain technology company
Sean Michael Brehm – CEO, CrowdPoint Technologies

Dmitry Konoval shared insights into strategic mining operations and trading strategies that are revolutionizing the cryptocurrency market. He spearheads the marketing efforts and strategic market expansion of the Node Nexus Network project, enhancing its visibility and user engagement. Additionally, he oversees the project’s entry into new markets, aiming to establish Node Nexus Network as a prominent player in the global blockchain landscape.

Sean Michael Brehm highlighted advancements in big data, AI, cybersecurity, and decentralized systems, emphasizing their impact on national security and global defense operations.

Sean Michael Brehm remarked:

“We believe the coming years will be incredibly exciting as Web 5.0 takes shape. Defined as a user-centric and highly interactive digital ecosystem, Web 5.0 ensures secure and efficient data flow, offering personalized and contextual services. By integrating Quantum as a Service (QaaS) with Web 3.0 blockchains, cybersecurity solutions, and IoT strategies, Web 5.0 can realize its vision of an intelligent digital landscape, enabling accelerated decision-making on key issues. This includes areas such as health, education, and the environment. Simply put, NNN enables ultra-fast and secure financial transactions, protects personal data with quantum-level encryption, and improves efficiency and transparency in managing supply chains and healthcare, providing a secure data platform for blockchain and traditional industries, all backed by military-grade technology.”

Rex Fernando

“Global Finance Assembly – Top New Venture Recognition Ceremony 2024” celebrated excellence and recognized outstanding initiatives at the International Investment Congress.

Honoring Outstanding Achievements: The Prestigious Massira Inclusive & Asian European Fashion Week Grand Prix.
The International Investment Congress honored Rex Fernando with the esteemed Grand Prix for his unwavering commitment to projects integrating individuals with limited mobility. The success of MASSIRA INCLUSIVE is attributed to the collective efforts of the entire team. The jury was deeply moved by this initiative.

Rex Fernando expressed heartfelt thanks to:

  • Ayesha Rodrigo, whose unwavering dedication fueled the mission
  • Nolwen, a beacon of support
  • The Lions Club of Colombo Serendib, whose partnership strengthened the cause
  • The Colombo Kingburry Hotel, represented by Thomas Misse, for their gracious hospitality

Dr. Antonio Gellini is the founder and president of the World Film Institute, the Olympia Awards, and the Family Film Awards. He has received numerous awards worldwide for his directing work and is a leading figure in the industry.

Investments in Fashion and Events
Sakis Nicolaou, Managing Director of Prestige Show Production, explored investment opportunities in the fashion and event industry, highlighting the potential for growth and innovation in these sectors.

Tati Eickhoff, a prominent European artist, is known for exhibiting her works in prestigious international art shows and winning several awards. She is the founder of the renowned art school “ARTTATI.” Tati currently leads exclusive art journeys to Italy and France through the Creative Club ARTTATITRAVEL, offering participants a unique cultural experience and plein air painting. To explore more about these art travels, visit and Her captivating artworks are found in private collections worldwide, reflecting her distinctive artistic vision and storytelling through paintings.

Bon Blé France is a PR and e-commerce company dedicated to promoting brands to the forefront of their industries. As a partner of the Congress Awards, Bon Blé France is more than just an agency; it is a platform amplifying the voices of those who have been unheard for too long.

Partners Investment Congress AWARDS & Royal Gentlemen Club

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