International Investment Congress 2024: Pioneering the Future of Crypto Trading with Multifunctional Tools

Dmitry Konoval and Sean Michael Brehm Lead the Discussion on Cutting-Edge Technologies

On May 24th, during the Cannes Film Festival, the International Investment Congress Press Conference took place at the prestigious Hotel Barriere GRAY ALBION. This landmark event, traditionally held in Cannes, was hosted by Anna Stukkert and Thomas Misse, the organizer and President of the International Investment Congress Awards. The conference focused on pivotal investment trends for 2024. The event honored organizations making positive contributions to the investment industry, including companies, funds, platforms, brokers, advisers, the fashion industry, PR professionals, and media for their outstanding performance and unique attributes that set them apart from their peers.

Event Highlights

  • Host: Anna Stukkert
  • Main Partner: Strategic market expansion of the Node Nexus Network project
  • Website:

In the dawn of the generative AI revolution, opinions vary from full adoption to skepticism. Its impact spans across all sectors, shaping our future. How can we navigate this transformative progress in history, and what do businesses seek today? Insights from Sean Michael Brehm, Chairman of Node Nexus Network, a trailblazing AI company.

Integrating Generative AI and Quantum Computing

Sean Michael Brehm shared his vision on the potential of integrating generative AI with Quantum as a Service (QaaS) and ontological language models alongside distributed quantum ledger database (DQLDB) technology. This integration promises to overhaul AI while reshaping business paradigms. The fusion enhances AI’s efficiency, security, and contextual comprehension. Quantum computing empowers AI with swift data processing for intricate and personalized applications, while DQLDB ensures data integrity and security, vital for precise AI operations.

“We anticipate this powerful integration to expedite decision-making, foster innovation, and furnish a more robust, adaptable framework, making AI a dependable solution across industries, serving humanity effectively,” Brehm noted.

Advancing Security and Efficiency

Node Nexus Network employs quantum-resistant hashes and distributed quantum ledger databases (DQ-LDB) on a decentralized cloud infrastructure. This combination ensures robust security, data immutability, and transparency, creating tamper-proof records. Quantum-powered solutions detect and respond to threats in real-time, significantly reducing cyberattack risks. The network enables ultra-fast and secure transactions, protects personal data with quantum-level encryption, and improves supply chain and healthcare management, backed by military-grade technology.

“We think the next few years will be incredibly exciting as Web 5.0 takes shape. Defined as a user-centric and highly interactive digital ecosystem, Web 5.0 ensures secure and efficient data flow, offering personalized and contextual services. By integrating Quantum as a Service (QaaS) with Web 3.0 blockchains, cybersecurity solutions, and IoT strategies, Web 5.0 can realize its vision of a highly intelligent digital landscape, enabling accelerated decision-making on key issues. Simply put, NNN enables ultra-fast and secure financial transactions, protects personal data with quantum-level encryption, and improves efficiency and transparency in the management of supply chains and healthcare, providing a secure data platform for blockchain and traditional industries, all backed by military-grade technology,” Brehm explained.

Dmitry Konoval’s Insights

Dmitry Konoval, Chairman of a leading blockchain technology company and CEO of Node Nexus Network, will share insights into strategic mining operations and trading strategies that are revolutionizing the cryptocurrency market. He is responsible for spearheading the marketing efforts and strategic market expansion of the Node Nexus Network project. His role involves crafting and executing innovative marketing strategies to enhance the project’s visibility and user engagement. Additionally, Dmytro oversees the project’s entry into new markets, aiming to establish Node Nexus Network as a prominent player in the global blockchain landscape.

Panel Discussions: BlackBunny – Pioneering the Future of Crypto Trading with Multifunctional Tools

Key Features of BlackBunny

  • BlackBunny DEX: Our advanced wallet includes portfolio management, hot token tracking, auto trade, swap, bridges, market access, take profit, stop loss, and trailing loss functionalities.
  • Swap: Easily exchange tokens on our platform with quick transactions facilitated by Uniswap integration.
  • Staking: Optimize returns by investing in DeFi protocols through our app.
  • Buy Crypto: Purchase cryptocurrency directly on BlackBunny using your card, eliminating the need for third-party services.
  • Funds Delegation: Delegate crypto assets to professional traders for potentially higher returns.

Future Developments

BlackBunny’s evolution is underway, with plans to create a DEX exchange featuring a professional interface and proprietary terminal. This will simplify trading access and offer advanced analytics powered by AI and robust tools for technical analysis. Upcoming features include:

  • Proprietary Terminal: Interactive charts and graphs connected directly with blockchains for the fastest data.
  • DEX Interface: User experience similar to centralized exchanges, streamlining trading with a professional terminal and chart graphics.
  • Fastest Trading Tools: Unparalleled trading speed on a DEX through optimized nodes and technical enhancements.
  • Advanced Analytics and Technical Analysis: Leveraging self-learning AI for sophisticated market analysis and strategy development.

The Vision for BlackBunny

BlackBunny aims to be the leading platform for traders and investors, offering a comprehensive, user-friendly interface that integrates all aspects of the crypto ecosystem. As development progresses, BlackBunny plans to lead innovation and user experience in the crypto trading space.

For more information, visit BlackBunny.