Fostering Investment Opportunities in Indonesia: An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Swajaya by Anna Stukkert for Forbes Philippines

Insights from Mr. Swajaya, Ambassador, on the Lucrative Sectors and New Legislation Boosting Foreign Investments

In a significant meeting with Mr. Swajaya, highlighted at the International Investment Congress Awards and covered exclusively for Forbes Philippines by Anna Stukkert, the investment landscape in Indonesia was thoroughly discussed. Mr. Swajaya, known for his keen insights on economic development, provided valuable recommendations for potential investors eyeing the Indonesian market.

Promising Sectors for Investment

Mr. Swajaya emphasized the immense potential within Indonesia’s tourism support sector, particularly in property investments related to hospitality such as hotels and restaurants. Bali, a hotspot for international investors, presents lucrative opportunities due to its popularity and the presence of top international brands. Beyond tourism, Mr. Swajaya also pointed to the digital technology sector as a priority area for Indonesia, noting the country’s efforts to cultivate a favorable investment climate for tech advancements.

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Opportunities for Small and Medium Investors

The conversation took an interesting turn when discussing the scope for smaller investors. Mr. Swajaya clarified that investment size could be flexible, emphasizing the added value that investors bring to the market. He highlighted the success of discussions with a major Swiss pharmaceutical company, illustrating the health sector’s potential driven by Indonesia’s universal health insurance system.

New Developments in Property Investment

Property investment, particularly in leasing, is undergoing transformative changes with new legislation. Mr. Swajaya detailed opportunities for foreign investors, especially in the property sector without the ownership of land. The introduction of second home legislation allows for apartment purchases, offering long-term security for investors through possible 70-year leases, extendable by another 30 years, and even longer terms of over 100 years in the capital for specific projects.

Advice for Prospective Investors

For those considering investments in Indonesia, Mr. Swajaya recommended exploring regions like Batam and Bintan, accessible via a short ferry ride from Singapore. These areas are rapidly developing and offer promising prospects for foreign investment in property.

Mr. Swajaya’s insights reveal a dynamic and welcoming investment environment in Indonesia. With strategic legislative changes and a focus on high-growth sectors, Indonesia is poised to attract a wide range of investors. Anna Stukkert’s conversation with Mr. Swajaya not only sheds light on these opportunities but also reinforces Indonesia’s position as a safe and profitable destination for international capital.

This exclusive interview promises to be an essential read for those interested in the evolving investment opportunities in one of Southeast Asia’s largest markets. Mr. Swajaya’s open invitation for further discussions underscores Indonesia’s commitment to fostering long-term relationships with global investors, ensuring mutual growth and prosperity.

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