The C-Suite Interview: Tapestry CEO Joanne Crevoiserat’s Journey Through Challenges

In August 2019, Joanne Crevoiserat took on the role of Chief Financial Officer at Tapestry, fully aware that her tenure would be marked by challenges and opportunities for transformation. Little did she know that her journey with the company would encompass navigating a global pandemic, a CEO crisis, and a challenging economic landscape. In this in-depth interview, we explore Joanne Crevoiserat’s remarkable journey at Tapestry, her leadership during turbulent times, and the lessons learned along the way.

Stepping into the CFO Role

Joanne Crevoiserat’s journey with Tapestry began as she assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer. Her appointment signaled a strategic move for the company, and her extensive experience in finance and retail positioned her as a pivotal figure in Tapestry’s future.

The Unforeseen Challenge: The Global Pandemic

No one could have predicted the challenges that lay ahead in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world grappled with uncertainty, Crevoiserat faced the monumental task of steering Tapestry through uncharted waters. She worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of employees and customers while strategizing to protect the company’s financial health.

The CEO Crisis: A Test of Leadership

Amid the pandemic’s chaos, Tapestry experienced a CEO crisis. Crevoiserat was thrust into the role of interim CEO, a position she embraced with resilience and determination. Her leadership during this period played a crucial role in stabilizing the company and maintaining a sense of direction.

Navigating a Tough Economic Landscape

The economic landscape during the pandemic presented additional challenges. Joanne Crevoiserat’s financial acumen and strategic thinking were instrumental in helping Tapestry weather the storm. Her ability to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and make tough decisions demonstrated her commitment to the company’s long-term success.

Lessons in Resilience and Leadership

Throughout her tenure at Tapestry, Joanne Crevoiserat learned valuable lessons in resilience and leadership. She emphasizes the importance of adaptability, empathy, and clear communication during times of crisis. Her ability to lead by example and inspire her team proved instrumental in guiding the company through unprecedented challenges.

Looking Towards the Future

As Tapestry’s CEO, Joanne Crevoiserat continues to lead the company with a vision for growth and innovation. She remains committed to fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organization and is determined to position Tapestry as a leader in the fashion and luxury goods industry.

Conclusion: A Journey of Leadership

Joanne Crevoiserat’s journey at Tapestry has been a testament to her leadership, resilience, and unwavering commitment to the company’s success. Her ability to navigate crises with grace and determination serves as an inspiration to leaders in all industries. As Tapestry continues to evolve and thrive under her guidance, one thing remains certain: Joanne Crevoiserat’s impact on the company’s journey is immeasurable, and her leadership is a beacon of hope in challenging times.

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