Kai Sotto Extends Contract with Hiroshima, But NBA Dream Remains Alive


Kai Sotto, the promising Filipino basketball prodigy, has signed a contract extension with the Hiroshima team in the Japan B.League. The news was confirmed by Hiroshima general manager Shuji Okazaki, who also revealed that Sotto has the option to opt out of his contract if he secures a spot in an NBA team. Despite committing to Hiroshima, Sotto’s ultimate aspiration of playing in the NBA remains intact, as he prepares to showcase his skills in the upcoming NBA Summer League in Las Vegas. Let’s delve deeper into this significant development and Sotto’s ongoing pursuit of his NBA dream.

Sotto’s Commitment to Hiroshima:

The decision to sign a contract extension with Hiroshima indicates Sotto’s dedication to his basketball career and desire to continue honing his skills. By extending his stay with Hiroshima, Sotto will have the opportunity to further develop his game within the competitive Japanese league. The B.League has gained recognition as a platform for young talents to showcase their abilities, making it an ideal environment for Sotto’s growth and progress as a player. Hiroshima’s general manager, Shuji Okazaki, expressed his satisfaction with Sotto’s commitment while acknowledging the possibility of his contract being canceled if he secures an NBA opportunity.

The NBA Dream:

Despite signing the contract extension, Sotto’s ultimate dream of playing in the NBA remains at the forefront of his aspirations. The NBA has always been his biggest goal, and he continues to work tirelessly to make it a reality. Sotto’s participation in the NBA Summer League is a testament to his unwavering determination and relentless pursuit of his dreams. The Summer League serves as a valuable platform for young talents to showcase their abilities and catch the attention of NBA teams. Sotto recognizes this opportunity and is fully committed to pushing himself and proving his worth on the court during the summer league in Las Vegas.

The Path to the NBA:

For Sotto, the path to the NBA is a challenging one that requires dedication, perseverance, and continuous improvement. Standing at an impressive 7 feet 3 inches tall, Sotto possesses a unique skill set that combines size, agility, and versatility. Throughout his basketball journey, he has showcased his potential, representing the Philippines in international competitions and garnering attention from scouts and coaches worldwide. Sotto’s commitment to refining his skills and gaining experience in different leagues demonstrates his determination to make the leap to the NBA.

Balancing Commitments:

While Sotto remains focused on his NBA aspirations, he also understands the importance of fulfilling his current commitments. The contract extension with Hiroshima allows him to continue his development and contribute to his team in the B.League. By immersing himself in a competitive league and gaining valuable playing time, Sotto can refine his game and enhance his basketball IQ. This experience will undoubtedly benefit him in his pursuit of an NBA career, as he hones his skills and adapts to different playing styles and strategies.

The Future Holds Promise:

Kai Sotto’s decision to extend his contract with Hiroshima while continuing to chase his NBA dream reflects his commitment to both his present and future endeavors. The basketball world eagerly awaits his performance in the NBA Summer League, where he will have the opportunity to showcase his abilities to NBA scouts and executives. With his towering presence and versatile skill set, Sotto has the potential to make a significant impact on the global basketball stage.


Kai Sotto’s contract extension with Hiroshima in the Japan B.League marks another milestone in his basketball journey. While committing to his current team, Sotto.

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