Zendaya Reacts to Tom Holland’s Birthday Tribute with Sweet Message and Playful Banter


Zendaya, the talented actress known for her roles in Euphoria and Spider-Man: No Way Home, celebrated her boyfriend Tom Holland’s 27th birthday in style. Taking to her Instagram Stories, she shared two never-before-seen photos as a tribute to her beloved. In response, Tom shared a cheeky snap on his own Instagram, playfully calling it the “sexiest picture ever.” The couple’s sweet and playful interactions on social media have delighted fans and highlighted their loving relationship.

A Birthday Tribute:

To mark Tom Holland’s birthday on June 1, Zendaya took to her Instagram Stories to share her affection for her boyfriend. The first photo she posted showcased Tom submerged in the ocean, with his hands forming a heart above the water. Zendaya added her own heart emoji to the picture, symbolizing their deep connection and love. In the follow-up photo, Tom was seen smiling from a distance as he stood on rocks, casually dressed in shorts, a t-shirt, and sneakers. The heartfelt tribute showcased Zendaya’s appreciation for Tom and their shared moments.

Tom’s Playful Birthday Post:

In return, Tom Holland playfully celebrated his own birthday on Instagram by sharing a snap of himself in swimwear, a vest, helmet, and goggles while holding water shoes. With a hint of humor, he captioned the photo by thanking everyone for their birthday wishes and presenting the picture as possibly the “sexiest” one ever taken of him. The lighthearted post displayed Tom’s playful personality and his ability to enjoy the moment with a touch of self-deprecating charm.

A Delightful Display of Love:

Zendaya and Tom’s public displays of affection and playful banter on social media have endeared them to fans. Their genuine and loving interactions not only highlight their strong bond but also demonstrate their ability to have fun and embrace the joy of their relationship. The couple’s posts on their respective Instagram accounts give fans a glimpse into their personal lives, making them feel a part of their journey.

Celebrity Couple Goals:

As talented individuals in the entertainment industry, Zendaya and Tom Holland have achieved remarkable success in their careers. Their relationship, however, has captured the attention of fans and the media, elevating them to the status of a beloved celebrity couple. With their on-screen chemistry in Spider-Man: No Way Home and their off-screen chemistry evident in their social media posts, they embody the idea of couple goals, balancing their professional lives with their personal connection.

Fans React:

Zendaya and Tom’s birthday posts have generated an outpouring of love and well wishes from their fans. Social media platforms have been flooded with comments expressing adoration for the couple and celebrating their sweet gestures. The couple’s ability to connect with their audience on a personal level and share special moments allows fans to feel a sense of closeness and connection with them.

Looking Ahead:

As Zendaya and Tom continue to nurture their relationship, their fans eagerly anticipate their future projects and milestones. With Spider-Man: No Way Home set to hit theaters and Zendaya’s highly anticipated return in Euphoria, their individual successes will only enhance their status as a power couple. Through their shared journey, they inspire others with their love, talent, and genuine connection.


Zendaya’s heartfelt birthday tribute to Tom Holland, accompanied by never-before-seen photos, and Tom’s playful response on Instagram have further solidified their status as an adored celebrity couple.

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