Roventa-Henex: The Unseen Hand Behind Global Watch Brands

Decoding the Secrets of a Swiss 'Private-Label' Watch Company

In the picturesque Jura mountains of western Switzerland, hidden away from the spotlight of mainstream watchmaking, lies Roventa-Henex—an unassuming yet pivotal player in the Swiss watch industry. Specializing in a niche known as “private-label” production, this company, established in 1959, crafts watches that adorn wrists around the world under various brand names. Despite the low profile, Roventa-Henex’s impact on the global watch market is undeniable. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this Swiss watchmaker’s business model.

Crafting Watches in the Shadows: Roventa-Henex operates in the shadows of the watchmaking realm, far from the glitz and glamour associated with renowned Swiss watch brands. The company, based in Tavannes, focuses on what is known as “private-label” manufacturing—creating timepieces for other companies that market the watches under their own brand identities.

A Strict Code of Secrecy: At the heart of Roventa-Henex’s business model lies a strict code of secrecy. The company is bound by agreements that prevent it from disclosing the names of the brands it manufactures watches for. This discreet partnership allows Roventa-Henex to remain behind the scenes, while its creations take center stage under the banners of diverse corporate clients.

Global Recognition, Local Roots: Despite its low-key profile, the watches produced by Roventa-Henex enjoy global recognition. The company’s craftsmanship is revered, and its creations are a testament to the meticulous artistry that defines Swiss watchmaking. With 90 employees at its headquarters in Tavannes and a subsidiary in Hong Kong, Roventa-Henex seamlessly blends local expertise with global influence.

A Conversation with Jérôme Biard: Jérôme Biard, the CEO of Roventa-Henex since April 2019, provides insights into the company’s unique business model. In an interview with SWI, Biard sheds light on the intricacies of producing watches for private-label clients and the delicate balance required to uphold confidentiality while contributing to the global watch market.

A Legacy of Craftsmanship: Established in 1959, Roventa-Henex has stood the test of time, maintaining a legacy of craftsmanship in the heart of the Swiss watchmaking region. The company’s ability to adapt to changing times, cater to diverse client needs, and produce watches that resonate globally underscores its resilience and significance in the industry.

In conclusion, Roventa-Henex stands as a testament to the silent powerhouses within the Swiss watchmaking landscape. As a private-label company, it navigates the delicate balance between crafting exceptional timepieces and preserving the confidentiality of its corporate partnerships. Beyond the glitz of renowned brands, Roventa-Henex’s legacy is woven into the fabric of Swiss watchmaking, reminding us that true craftsmanship often thrives in the shadows.

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