“Harmony Unleashed: Olivia Rodrigo’s Exclusive Ace Hotel Concert Marks the Prelude to GUTS World Tour”

A Captivating Evening in Celebration of Amex Member Week

In a harmonious crescendo of anticipation, Olivia Rodrigo, the 20-year-old pop sensation, will grace the Theatre at Ace Hotel on Monday, October 9th. This intimate performance, a jewel in the crown of the third annual Amex Member Week, promises an enchanting preview before Rodrigo embarks on her much-awaited GUTS World Tour in 2024.

An Intimate Prelude: Olivia Rodrigo’s enchanting melodies will echo through the hallowed halls of the Ace Hotel, creating an intimate space for lucky American Express Card Members. This exclusive concert, a prelude to her global tour, is a testament to the harmonious partnership between Rodrigo and American Express.

GUTS Comes Alive: The spotlight doesn’t merely capture Rodrigo’s presence; it illuminates the essence of her recent album, GUTS. This sophomore masterpiece, celebrated far and wide, takes center stage, offering the audience a live rendition of its emotional journey. Rodrigo expresses her excitement, saying, “I’ve been thrilled by the response to GUTS, and I can’t wait to bring it to life for my fans.”

Amex Member Week Extravaganza: This musical soirée is a highlight of the Amex Member Week, a tradition that weaves exclusive experiences for American Express Card Members. As Rodrigo serenades the audience, the event transforms into a celebration of loyalty and shared passion for exceptional music.

Immersive GUTS Experience: Beyond the auditory delight, GUTS transcends into a multi-sensory experience. Attendees will step into the world of Rodrigo’s album through an immersive journey, inspired by the “bad idea, right?” music video. The venue becomes a canvas for fans to dive deeper into the soul of GUTS.

Instagramable Moments and Vintage Vibes: The Theatre at Ace Hotel transforms into a visual spectacle, offering attendees Instagram-worthy moments. Vintage-style photo booths peppered across the venue provide an opportunity for fans to capture memories inspired by the timeless allure of Rodrigo’s music.

In this symphony of exclusivity, Olivia Rodrigo’s Ace Hotel performance emerges as a melodic prelude, a bridge connecting her artistry with the hearts of dedicated fans. As the curtains rise, American Express Card Members are invited to embark on a musical journey that transcends the ordinary, setting the stage for the grandeur of Rodrigo’s GUTS World Tour in the coming year.

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