Analyzing Che Diaz’s Standup in ‘And Just Like That…’: Intentionally Bad or Missed Opportunity?


The highly anticipated revival of the iconic TV series ‘And Just Like That…’ has left fans with mixed emotions. As the season kicks off, viewers are introduced to a memorable moment featuring Che Diaz’s standup routine, which has sparked intense debate and discussion. Some argue that the intentionally poor performance was a deliberate artistic choice, while others see it as a missed opportunity for genuine comedic brilliance. In this article, we will explore the possible motivations behind Che Diaz’s standup act and examine the impact it has on the show.

Setting the Stage: Season 2 Premiere

The premiere of ‘And Just Like That…’ wastes no time in reintroducing viewers to the beloved characters of Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda. Accompanied by their respective close friends, Lisa, Seema, and Nya, the characters embark on passionate encounters with their partners, fueled by desire and longing. This scene is underscored by Elton John and Britney Spears’ 2022 remix of “Hold Me Closer,” setting a playful and enticing tone. Notably, the characters’ sexual exploits take center stage, addressing a perceived absence of such intimacy in Season 1.

Che Diaz’s Standup: Shockingly Bad or Intentional Artistry?

Within this season premiere, viewers are treated to a standup performance by Che Diaz, a character known for their comedic prowess and captivating stage presence. However, this particular routine stands out for its perceived lackluster quality and failure to elicit laughter. The intentional choice to portray Che Diaz’s act as shockingly bad has left audiences questioning the purpose and underlying message behind it.

One possible interpretation is that the show’s creators aimed to illustrate the vulnerability and complexity of Che Diaz’s character. By deliberately presenting a subpar performance, they may be highlighting the challenges faced by even the most talented individuals in their creative endeavors. Standup comedy, in particular, can be a challenging art form, and Che Diaz’s struggle to connect with the audience could serve as a window into their personal growth and self-discovery.

On the other hand, some viewers view Che Diaz’s standup act as a missed opportunity for comedic brilliance. Given the character’s established reputation as a skilled comedian, it is understandable why fans anticipated a performance that would showcase their talent and humor. By intentionally presenting a lackluster routine, the show may have overlooked an opportunity to deliver genuinely funny and memorable moments.

Character Development and Narrative Impact

Regardless of the intention behind Che Diaz’s standup act, its inclusion in the premiere episode raises questions about character development and narrative impact. ‘And Just Like That…’ seeks to delve deeper into the lives of the main characters, exploring their personal journeys and challenges. Che Diaz’s standup routine, albeit subpar, could serve as a catalyst for self-reflection and growth, allowing the character to confront their vulnerabilities and reassess their comedic identity.

From a storytelling perspective, the intentionally poor performance may contribute to a larger narrative arc, setting the stage for Che Diaz’s personal and professional evolution throughout the season. It creates an opportunity for the character to learn from their mistakes, experiment with different approaches, and ultimately find their comedic voice again.


The intentional portrayal of Che Diaz’s standup act as shockingly bad in ‘And Just Like That…’ has ignited passionate discussions among viewers. While some interpret it as a deliberate artistic choice aimed at illustrating the character’s vulnerability, others perceive it as a missed opportunity for genuine comedic brilliance. Regardless of the intention, the inclusion of this subpar routine provides a platform for character.

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