A Powerful Trio teams together to help others drive their passions and unleash their capabilities

In a world brimming with potential, a powerful trio emerged; Dr. Kristi Floyd, Dina L. Bingham and Anouk Brumfield McIntyre. These three individuals, each possessing unique strengths, teamed up as “Course Crew” Instructors, on a mission to uplift others and nurture their aspirations, and together they weave a remarkable tale of transformation.

The first member of the trio, Dr. Kristi Floyd, is a gifted educator, experienced Counselor and passionate Assistant Principal, known for her wisdom and guidance. With a heart full of compassion, Dr. Floyd shares her classroom experiences and knowledge, igniting sparks of inspiration in the upcoming course “The Secrets to Epic Classroom

Management”. Epic indeed, her words were like seeds, planted in fertile minds, destined to bloom into a forest of dreams. Dr. Floyd reminds us, “Embracing empathy and kindness has the potential to catalyze a remarkable transformation and foster profound growth, guiding our tumultuous world toward a state of tranquil serenity.”

The second member, a seasoned executive and skilled artisan, is gifted in amplifying the passions of the seekers. Dina Bingham harnesses creativity, turning ideas into reality.

With every creation, she empowers others to channel their enthusiasm into tangible projects, laying the foundation for growth. Dina encourages all to, “Unlock the potential within you; let your goals be the compass and your actions the steps. With each stride, you shape the path to your aspirations and breathe life into your dreams.”

The third member, Anouk (Brumfield) Mcintyre, a charismatic motivator and transformative servant leader, possesses an unwavering belief in the potential of every individual.

Through her infectious energy, they spurred others into action, propelling them past obstacles and fears. Anouk’s presence was a gust of wind beneath the wings of those striving for change, urging them to soar to new heights. As the journey of success unfolds, Anouk reminds us to keep in mind these words of wisdom, “Chase your goals with a heart full of purpose, for in the pursuit lies the transformation. With every step, you bridge the gap between who you are and who you strive to be, turning aspirations into your remarkable reality.”

Together, this formidable trio shaped a supportive ecosystem where aspirations flourish. They are creating experiences where dreams are nurtured, providing tools to turn ambitions into accomplishments, and motivating with unyielding positivity. As the trio’s efforts are reverberated, a ripple effect spreads throughout the community, touching lives far and wide.

Through the dedication of these three, the seekers are transformed. Like a symphony of growth, they honed their skills, overcame challenges, and reached milestones they never thought possible. The powerful trio’s legacy has become a testament to the remarkable change that can be achieved when a community bands together to uplift and guide one another.

And so, the story of the powerful trio lives on, inspiring generations to come together, drive their passions, and evolve into the best versions of themselves, just as the branches of a mighty tree intertwine to create a forest of endless possibilities.

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