Nina Aguas Advocates Good Corporate Governance as a Way of Life at InLife


Nina D. Aguas, the Executive Chairperson of Insular Life (InLife), recently delivered a compelling speech at the 2023 ACGS Workshop for Insurance Companies. As one of the featured speakers, Aguas shared insights into InLife’s corporate governance journey and highlighted the significance of maintaining stakeholders’ trust. This article explores Aguas’ perspective on good corporate governance and how InLife’s commitment to best practices has contributed to its success.

The Importance of Corporate Governance

Corporate governance serves as the foundation for the ethical and effective management of organizations. It encompasses the systems and processes that guide decision-making, ensure transparency, and promote accountability. For InLife, a mutual company deeply rooted in trust, upholding good corporate governance is not merely a requirement but a way of life.

InLife’s Corporate Governance Journey

During her speech, Nina Aguas shed light on InLife’s corporate governance journey. She emphasized that it is not a one-time effort but an ongoing commitment to excellence. By embracing best practices and constantly evolving, InLife has built a solid framework that fosters transparency, integrity, and responsible business conduct.

Stakeholder Trust as a Cornerstone

InLife understands that trust is the cornerstone of its relationship with stakeholders. Aguas highlighted that maintaining this trust is of utmost importance. Through effective corporate governance, InLife aims to demonstrate its commitment to stakeholders, including policyholders, employees, partners, and regulators.

Best Practices and Lessons Learned

As part of her address, Nina Aguas shared InLife’s best practices in corporate governance. These include robust board oversight, independent audits, clear communication channels, and a strong compliance culture. InLife also places great emphasis on diversity and inclusion, recognizing the value of varied perspectives in decision-making.

The ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard Workshop

The ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard Workshop, sponsored by the Institute of Corporate Directors, provided a platform for industry leaders like Nina Aguas to share their experiences and insights. The workshop facilitated discussions on the importance of corporate governance in the insurance sector and encouraged collaboration among industry peers to raise governance standards.

Continuing the Journey

Nina Aguas emphasized that the pursuit of good corporate governance is an ongoing process. InLife remains committed to continuously improving its practices, adapting to changing regulatory requirements, and addressing emerging challenges. By doing so, the company can further enhance stakeholder trust and solidify its position as a leader in the insurance industry.


Nina Aguas, Executive Chairperson of InLife, spoke passionately about the significance of good corporate governance during her address at the 2023 ACGS Workshop for Insurance Companies. InLife’s commitment to upholding best practices and maintaining stakeholder trust has paved the way for its success. By embracing transparency, integrity, and responsible business conduct, InLife has established itself as a trusted mutual company. Through events like the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard Workshop, industry leaders can continue to share their experiences and collectively work towards raising governance standards in the insurance sector. InLife remains dedicated to its corporate governance journey, continuously adapting and improving to meet the evolving needs of its stakeholders and the industry as a whole.

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