Empowering Female Entrepreneurs: SBE Australia Launches Advisory Council to Drive Higher Growth


SBE Australia, the leading organization dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs in Australia, has taken a significant step towards addressing the funding gap faced by female-founded businesses. In response to last year’s eye-opening research report conducted by SBE Australia and Deloitte, which revealed the disproportionately low levels of private sector funding allocated to women-led companies, the organization has launched the SBE Advisory Collective. This innovative advisory model aims to connect female founders with essential services and resources, paving the way for higher growth and increased economic impact.

The Funding Disparity Challenge

The release of the SBE and Deloitte research report shed light on a concerning trend in the funding landscape for female entrepreneurs. The data revealed that a mere 3.7 percent of private sector funding was allocated to businesses solely founded by women between 2017 and 2021. Shockingly, this number plummeted even further to a mere 0.7 percent in 2021-22. Such significant funding disparities hinder the growth and potential of female-led businesses, perpetuating a cycle of limited resources and opportunities.

Insights from Deloitte’s Research

To gain deeper insights into the experiences of female entrepreneurs and the impact of organizations like SBE Australia, Heads over Heels, and Scale Investors, Deloitte researchers conducted a comprehensive survey. The study involved gathering data from 155 individual businesses that had received support from these investor groups. The findings were both illuminating and encouraging.

Economic Impact and Job Creation

Deloitte’s analysis of the survey data revealed that the 341 businesses supported by SBE Australia, Heads over Heels, and Scale Investors over the past decade generated an estimated $1 billion in economic activity for the Australian economy. Additionally, these ventures were responsible for creating almost 5,000 equivalent full-time roles during the 2021-22 period. This evidence underscores the significant contributions of female-founded businesses to the overall economy and highlights the importance of providing them with the necessary resources to thrive.

Introducing the SBE Advisory Collective

To build on the successes and address the challenges identified in the research, SBE Australia has introduced the SBE Advisory Collective. This newly launched advisory model aims to bridge the gap between female entrepreneurs and the support services they need for accelerated growth. The collective will bring together experienced professionals and industry experts who will serve as advisors, mentors, and guides to help women navigate the complexities of business development, access funding opportunities, refine their strategies, and overcome obstacles.

Empowering Female Founders for Higher Growth

The primary goal of the SBE Advisory Collective is to empower female founders and equip them with the knowledge, networks, and tools required to drive higher growth in their businesses. By connecting them with seasoned professionals, the collective aims to provide tailored guidance and mentorship that will address the unique challenges faced by women entrepreneurs. This initiative recognizes the immense potential of female-led businesses and the value they bring to the economy, aiming to remove barriers and level the playing field.

A Catalyst for Change

The launch of the SBE Advisory Collective represents a significant step forward in fostering an environment of inclusivity and support for female entrepreneurs in Australia. By addressing the funding disparities and offering tailored guidance, SBE Australia aims to create a catalyst for change that will pave the way for greater gender equality in entrepreneurship. The collective endeavors to create a thriving ecosystem that fosters collaboration, innovation, and success for all women pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams.


The launch of the SBE Advisory Collective marks a pivotal moment in the efforts to support female entrepreneurs in Australia. By acknowledging the funding disparity and providing targeted guidance, SBE Australia.

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