Breaking Barriers: Black Female CFOs on the Rise – Kickstarter’s Diversity-Focused Leadership


In the realm of corporate leadership, diversity and representation continue to be areas in need of transformation. The recent appointment of a Black female CFO, Phongsiya S. Wilson, to the prominent crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is a powerful step towards breaking barriers and fostering a more inclusive corporate landscape. Wilson’s new role not only highlights her expertise but also contributes to the increasing ranks of Black female CFOs, a group that has historically been underrepresented.

A Trailblazing Appointment

The appointment of Phongsiya S. Wilson as the Chief Financial Officer of Kickstarter marks a significant moment in the trajectory of diversity and leadership in the corporate world. With a distinguished career that includes tenures at Lyft, EY, and Cox Automotive, Wilson brings a wealth of experience to her new role. As she steps into this influential position, she joins a growing cohort of Black women who are occupying CFO roles in various industries, inspiring others to shatter glass ceilings.

Power in Representation

The significance of Wilson’s appointment goes beyond her professional achievements. She is entering a leadership structure that stands out for its commitment to diversity. Reporting to CEO Everette Taylor, both of whom are Black, this CEO-CFO combination is a rarity in the corporate sphere. Such representation at the highest echelons of a company sends a resounding message about the possibility of building successful enterprises with diverse leadership teams.

Shaping the Future of Leadership

Wilson’s journey from Lyft to Kickstarter demonstrates a shift towards more inclusive and representative leadership. Her alignment with Kickstarter’s mission of empowering creators through funding underscores her commitment to making a positive impact. As a Black CFO, she embodies the changing face of leadership, proving that diversity is not just a goal but a reality that enhances a company’s ability to thrive.

Challenges and Progress

The underrepresentation of Black executives, particularly in CFO and CEO roles, remains a glaring issue in the corporate world. With just a handful of Black CEOs among the top 500 revenue-generating companies, the need for change is evident. Wilson’s appointment, along with that of other trailblazing Black female CFOs, challenges the status quo and highlights the potential for transformation.


Phongsiya S. Wilson’s ascendancy to the role of CFO at Kickstarter is more than a personal achievement—it is a triumph for diversity and inclusion in the corporate arena. Her appointment resonates with the broader movement to break down barriers and redefine leadership norms. As Black female CFOs like Wilson continue to rise, their collective impact will reshape corporate landscapes and inspire the next generation of leaders to believe in the power of diversity and representation.

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