Powering Up: Jaguar Joins Forces with Tesla for Supercharger Network Access


In a significant stride towards a greener automotive future, Jaguar has struck a groundbreaking deal with Tesla, granting Jaguar electric vehicle (EV) owners access to Tesla’s extensive Supercharger network across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the electric vehicle industry, with two renowned automakers coming together to bolster charging infrastructure.

Empowering Future Electric Journeys:

Under the agreement, Jaguar’s upcoming electric vehicle models, set to roll out from 2025 as part of their ambitious Reimagine strategy, will be engineered to seamlessly integrate with Tesla’s Supercharger stations, eliminating the need for additional adapters. This forward-thinking move ensures that Jaguar owners will have convenient access to Tesla’s 12,000+ charging points, facilitating long-distance travel and alleviating range anxiety.

Adapters for Current Fleet:

Although Jaguar’s current electric offering, the I-Pace, employs a different connector standard, the company has pledged to procure and supply adapters from Tesla for existing I-Pace owners once they become available. This transitional solution exemplifies Jaguar’s commitment to customer satisfaction and ensuring a smooth charging experience for its valued patrons.

Pioneering the Reimagine Strategy:

Jaguar’s alliance with Tesla signifies a strategic pivot in the brand’s trajectory. Recognized as one of the first legacy automakers to venture into the electric realm with the I-Pace’s debut in 2018, the company is now poised to redefine its image and purpose under the Reimagine strategy. This visionary approach will see Jaguar reemerge in 2025 as a high-end, all-electric marque, solidifying its commitment to sustainable transportation.

A Game-Changing Moment for EV Enthusiasts:

The collaboration between Jaguar and Tesla not only underscores the industry’s collective push towards electrification but also demonstrates a willingness among automakers to transcend competitive boundaries for the greater good. This monumental step forward promises to revolutionize the electric vehicle landscape and significantly enhance the EV ownership experience for Jaguar customers.


Jaguar’s strategic partnership with Tesla heralds a new era in the electric vehicle industry, where collaboration and innovation take center stage. By integrating with Tesla’s Supercharger network, Jaguar is propelling the EV ownership experience to unprecedented heights. As the automotive landscape evolves, this historic alliance paves the way for a more sustainable, interconnected future, demonstrating that the journey towards greener transportation is one best traveled together.

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