Voice of Gen Z and Business Mentor: Ozzin Jun Transforms Traditional Businesses Into Digital-Proven Impact Pioneers In Their Industry

Generation Z, the generation of people born between 1997 and 2012, is a wholly unique generation. They grew up with multiple screens, social media and where AI is the norm. Gen Z shape the future of work in companies. 

Most CEO’s don’t know how to hire A-Player talents from Gen Z and how to keep them in their company. It’s also not clear, why they should hire them and what the consequences are of not doing that. They know the power of social media and digitalizing processes, but often don’t know how to strategically integrate it. By failing to do that in 2024, they leave a lot of money on the table. Gen Z is their solution to make billions over the next few years.

A Visionary Behind Lense: Ozzin Jun is the founder of Jun International Coaching, as seen as in Gulf News, Yahoo Finance, Disrupt Magazine, is best known as the Voice of Gen Z and Award-Winning Business Mentor recognized by the Royal Family and nominated at the Women Leadership Awards. From a broke student, uni dropout, survivor of 3x kidnapping in 2019, rape, abuse, Ozzin transformed completely her life and now speaks on many international stages alongside coaching.

Dominating The E-Learning & Coaching Industry:’’Gen Z’s unique perspective, digital skills, and background will shape the future of work. Their presence and contribution in the workforce will introduce new dynamics, innovations, and cultural shifts’’ says Ozzin.  According to Skill Scouter 40% of Fortune 500 companies use eLearning. It’s estimated that eLearning will be worth $325 by 2025. Gen Z’s digital fluency gives them a unique advantage in the digital age.

Ozzin’s Global Impact: Ozzin helps daily business owners and personal brands that are not adapted to the digital era to be fully optimized for 100x more impact, sales, brand awareness through social media. Especially how corporations can attract and hire Gen Z that stay with them. She has globally already served multiple small businesses, coaches, Hollywood Film Directors, Billionaires, A-List Celebrities, and OPEC members. As a result of that, multiple CEO’s make more profits, save more time, move in more efficiency and are more fulfillment beyond their career. 

The Harmonic Convergence of Diplomacy & Entrepreneurship: Aside her business, her role as the Country Director of Switzerland at Global Peace Chain and her passion for diplomacy complements her impact. She supported the WarAID project that reached over 15,000 young women in countries like Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, and Nigeria. She educated girls through the Walk Against Rape educating people not only on business, but on the prevention of abuse, boundaries, and how to heal from traumas. She moderated a Peace summit in New York and delivered her signature keynote on ‘’Marry Yourself’’ at the Global Peace Chain and United Nations.

Ozzin Empowers Global Healing Through Forgiveness: Through her personal experiences beyond business, Ozzin understands the deep struggles of PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, rape, and abuse consequences, overwhelm as an entrepreneur, or financial pressure. By discovering a clear path to recovery, she equips people with the right knowledge, purpose, activating personal power with the right skillsets in business, she invites others to a life of freedom.

Not only has she inspired the hearts of many organizations, businesses, corporations, and teens. Ozzin creates highly engaging events leading to immediate transformation on spot and pivoted mindsets after her speech. People love her for who she is and the energy she brings into the room, backing up everything she says by her own results.

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