Nice & Sweet: A Blend of Delicious Treats and Cozy Ambiance

Prepare to indulge in the sweet and savory delights of Nice and Sweet, LA’s newest cafe hotspot located at the intersection of Sunset and La Brea. This charming gem is conveniently nestled in a bustling corner of LA, surrounded by shops and offices, making it the perfect stop for a quick bite or leisurely hangout. With a menu curated by renowned chef Chris Sayegh, the bakery section offers an exquisite selection of seasonal pies, cakes, and pastries – each a delightful masterpiece crafted for consumer enjoyment. Meanwhile, the cafe menu, created by Elliot Lau, boasts a variety of high-grade coffee blends to complement sweet indulgences for every unique taste. Experience the perfect blend of delectable treats, cozy ambiance, and culinary excellence at Nice & Sweet: your new go-to spot in LA!

Chris Sayegh has meticulously curated a mouthwatering menu for Nice & Sweet’s baked goods, encompassing both sweet and savory treats. Drawing inspiration from his renowned cookbook Sugar High, Chris has brought to life recipes that showcase in-season ingredients and exotic spices from every corner of the globe. While sweet treats may not be the expected fare from Sayegh, his sugary creations are every bit as spectacular as the gourmet meals and cannabis-infused delights he is known for, signaling his expansion into exciting new culinary realms. With a wealth of experience in both the Los Angeles and International fine dining industries, Chris is a seasoned veteran ready to infuse Nice & Sweet with his unique culinary touch – minus the cannabis. From his innovative approaches to cooking to his expertise in crafting exquisite dishes, customers can expect nothing short of excellence from Chris Sayegh’s baked creations at Nice & Sweet.

Elliott Lau, the mastermind behind Nice & Sweet’s specialty coffee offerings, brings over 15 years of coffee expertise to the table, with a decade of experience in LA. His passion lies in creating a cafe that goes beyond exceptional coffee – he aims to create an inviting space where guests feel comfortable and looked after. This commitment to customer-centric service is evident in the cafe’s interior design, dreamt up by architectural designer Kellie Patry; aesthetic design elements such as ashwood stone pie racks and live greenery envelop patrons in a soothing ambiance, showcasing the geometric patterns and attention to detail that Kellie is known for. Upon stepping into Nice & Sweet, customers are embraced by a colorful interior adorned in soft shades of green and pink, setting the stage for a welcoming and pleasant experience. Guests can nestle in a cozy corner, savoring tempting pastries and enjoying the perfect ambiance for work, studying, or catching up with friends. The cafe’s minimalistic designs contribute to an open and bright feel, inviting customers to relax and unwind in a space designed with their comfort in mind. Elliott’s expertise in curating high-quality coffee blends combined with Kellie’s interior design experience makes Nice & Sweet more than just a coffee shop: it is a welcoming sanctuary amidst the hustle and bustle of LA.

Nice & Sweet opened its doors on February 15th and is open every day from 8:00am – 4:00pm, making it a refreshing new addition to LA’s cafe scene. Whether you are craving a heavenly slice of seasonal pie or seeking the perfect cup of high-grade coffee, Nice & Sweet promises to be a haven for indulgence and relaxation in the heart of LA. Chris Sayegh’s mouthwatering baked creations and Elliott Lau’s expertly crafted coffee blends are complemented by Kellie Patry’s soothing interior design, making the cafe perfect for a quick stop or relaxed gathering. Find your new cafe staple at Nice & Sweet, where every bite and sip is a delicious delight waiting to be savored.