Mark Kappel: “I like to create a style that will be popular anywhere in the world”

What is a universal fashion code? How to choose the right selection for a trip and feel confident at a business meeting, public event or romantic date? Mark Kappel created his brand to make men’s lives easier. So what makes this brand so special? The quality is on par with world-renowned premium brands. His style is seasonal and trend-independent. We spoke with Mark about the philosophy of the brand, the adequate rules men have to follow for any occasion, and how fashion can be timeless.

How did you start your own business in the fashion industry?

I started my own brand because I wanted to create something that I couldn’t find in other brands (Mark had previously owned a multi-brand clothing store). Although the business was doing very well, I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the range we were selling. That’s how I came to create my own clothing, accessories and footwear line.

What is the philosophy of your brand?    

I would say that every real man should have three main principles in life: honesty, modesty and hard work. This is our core philosophy.

We all want to be surrounded by honest people because no one likes to be deceived. Many people do not understand the quality of fabrics and tailoring and pay for the name. Therefore, when creating each new thing we do a lot of work to find the best quality fabric and a right factory (Mark Kappel production is located in more than 10 different countries, including Italy, Holland and China).

A real man should do more than just talking. That’s why minimalism is important for me. Every piece should ideally fit my client with respect to his lifestyle. He has to feel confident and comfortable.

Hard work: this is an important condition for any success. The world of fashion does not stop. To catch the trends you need to be always in tone. We are a young brand and do not have such authority as fashion houses with a history, so only by constantly improving ourselves we go to success. My team and I always look for new factories and ideas.

I like to create a style that will be popular anywhere in the world and causes only positive emotions in its owner and people around him. Creating a good mood is our main goal. I am satisfied with what I do and glad to see the success of my collections. 

How would you rate Mark Kappel in the hierarchy of fashion brands?

I consider it a very conditional concept. My best critic is a person who pays for what I created. In turn I try to make the maximum value for money so that more people can afford quality things.

How do you imagine your client?

First of all it is a man “charged” for success, no matter if it is work, study or love. My fashion collections are loved by different age categories of men, but all of them are united by the desire not to stay in place, always moving forward, to achieve their goals.

How has fashion changed in your opinion in recent years?                  

That’s an interesting question! Of course globalisation is having a big impact on the fashion world and what used to be considered absurd is becoming acceptable and normal. I can’t say that I like all the changes. But every new generation makes its own adjustments to fashion and you have to appreciate it.

Due to its universal cultural code, collections of Mark Kappel are popular in European and Asian countries. The next goal Mark and his team want to achieve is international success. Very soon his special line will be presented in the Middle East.