From Army Commando to Bushcraft Entrepreneur: Steven Kelly’s Inspiring Journey of Resilience and Survival

After dedicating 21 years to the British Army, Steven Kelly faced a daunting diagnosis that threatened his military career. Diagnosed with a disease in his right eye, he stood on the precipice of discharge due to medical grounds. Instead of succumbing to doubt and uncertainty, Steven chose a different path—one that led him to establish a bushcraft survival company.

In a recent interview with The Industry Leaders, Steven opened up about his remarkable journey. Serving full-time in the elite 29 Commando Regiment, the diagnosis marked a turning point. Faced with potential discharge, he channeled his resilience and passion for the outdoors into a unique venture.

South West Survival, Steven’s brainchild, is a survival and bushcraft company infused with a military twist. The primary mission is to motivate and inspire both children and adults to embrace the great outdoors. Through sharing the skills honed during his military service, Steven encourages people to step out of their comfort zones, engaging in activities like insect-eating and learning essential survival techniques.

The role involves fostering teamwork, problem-solving, and teaching individuals how to stay alive in challenging situations. It’s not just about surviving; it’s about thriving and building a newfound confidence in the face of nature’s challenges.

What fuels Steven’s excitement about his industry is the transformative power of survival skills sessions. These activities push individuals to discover their true selves, highlighting areas for personal growth. South West Survival offers realistic courses that go beyond survival, focusing on thriving in adverse conditions.

For Steven, the dying artform of bushcraft skills is a treasure carried in the mind and muscles, an invaluable asset that cannot be stolen. His inspiration stems from his daughter, Chloe, whose existence propels him to pursue dreams and goals, providing her with a life he wished for as a child.

Facing skepticism and naysayers, the most challenging project for Steven was establishing South West Survival while navigating potential discharge from the British Army. Despite discouraging comments and doubts, he persevered, defying expectations and proving that dreams and goals are achievable with unwavering determination.

Outside of his entrepreneurial pursuits, Steven finds solace in nature. A walk in the local woods serves as a therapeutic means to clear his mind after a day’s work. Looking toward the future of his industry, Steven expresses a wish for increased collaboration among companies, fostering a spirit of mutual support.

In a hypothetical scenario where he discovers a winning lottery ticket worth $10 million, Steven’s integrity shines through. He would report the lost ticket to the lottery, hoping the rightful owner claims their winnings.

For those curious about the leader behind this inspiring journey, Steven invites connection through his social media platforms—Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, under the handle @survival_ste. His website,, serves as a hub for those interested in exploring the world of survival and bushcraft.

Steven’s story is a testament to resilience, turning challenges into opportunities, and finding inspiration in unlikely places.