Emerging Victories in Pageantry: Miss Universe Persia Earns Place at Miss Universe

On March 20th, Rome’s Grand Hotel Plaza was the setting for a groundbreaking press conference for Miss Universe Persia. Golshan Bakhtiary, the pageant’s founder, and her team have secured a spot for Persian women in the esteemed Miss Universe competition after a dynamic campaign of collecting signatures, organizing support flash mobs, and tireless advocacy. Their efforts will come to fruition in November 2024,as Persia debuts at the next Miss Universe pageant in Mexico.

This historic achievement coincides with Nowruz—the Persian New Year—celebrated on March 20th. Afshin Sajedi,VP of Miss Universe Persia, welcomed journalists on this culturally symbolic day.

Golshan,the architect of Miss Universe Persia,recounted her journey from a young girl mesmerized by Miss Universe on television to an influential figure in international pageantry. Her strategies for garnering attention from the Miss Universe organization included innovative activism, engaging with influential Italian figures,and organizing evocative barefoot marches.

The honorable team of Miss Universe Persia 2024, is as follows:

• Miss Golshan Bakhtiary, National Director and President

• ⁠Mr. Zeyad Hassan, General Vice President  

• ⁠Mr. Afshin Sajedi, Vice President in charge of project strategies

• ⁠Mr. Cloudio Iali, Executive producer

• ⁠Miss Valeria Murari, Director of International Communications 

• ⁠Miss Salma Eltoukhy, Cultural Promotion Director 

• ⁠Mr. Alok Jha, Marketing Director 

• ⁠Mr. Aras P, Director of photos & Videos 

• ⁠Miss Olga Matsyna, Press Office Director 

• ⁠Mr. RaayNick, Music and Talent Director

Golshan as the National Director and President of the organisation was naturally the star and darling of the launch.She was accompanied by several members of her team who were in full voice as they shared their aligned vision for celebrating and promoting Persian culture and virtues on a global stage. 

In the meantime, other women who hold two important positions in the Miss Universe Persia team also had interesting conversations:

Valeria Murari, dedicated to the world of fashion and glamour, emphasized the pageant’s criteria for selecting contestants with qualities such as resilience,spirituality, and a commitment to human rights.

Salma Altoukhy, in her poignant remarks, sheds light on a crucial aspect of representation and empowerment: 

The significance of Persian women’s presence and their rich heritage. By emphasizing the beauty and intelligence of women in the old Persian era, Salma underscores the historical legacy of Persian women as trailblazers in various fields, contributing to art, literature, science, and governance. She emphasizes that this representation is not merely about individual achievement but about preserving and promoting ancient Persian culture on the global stage. Salma emphasizes that this competition is a celebration of cultural heritage, highlighting the importance of keeping alive the traditions and values of the ancient Persian civilization. Her advocacy for the increased visibility of Persian women, particularly in the Middle East, on international stages resonates deeply in today’s global landscape, fostering inclusivity and promoting cultural exchange and understanding.

Journalist Giuseppe Mele inquired about the participation of Persian-speaking women from the diaspora,which was met with an inclusive affirmation by the Miss Universe Persia officials.

Golshan Bakhtiary announced the Miss Universe Persia finals, scheduled for June 17th, 2024,in Rome, embracing a pioneering stance on participation that transcends traditional pageant limitations regarding age,marital status, and physical standards.

Prospective contestants are encouraged to connect with Miss Universe Persia through their official Instagram or sign up at www.MissPersia.net, reflecting the organization’s dedication to open and equitable competition.

By Olga Matsyna