Digital Fashion & Crypto Awards by Poterium & Digital Fashion Magazine set to dazzle at 77th Cannes Film Festival

Prepare for an evening of glamour and innovation for highly anticipated Digital Fashion & Crypto Awards on May 15, 2024. Nestled in a secret locale in the heart of Cannes, this soirée promises to redefine sophistication.

Led by fashion luminary Liliya Rogova Tippetts, Founder of PORTERIUM Monaco 1st Wed3 Fashion, Design & Art Marketplace and DIGITAL FASHION MAGAZINE, curated by the visionary Digital Fashion Diva & Visionaire, LAGANZA, this event is the epitome of chic.

Highlighting the festivities are performances by Monaco’s own songbird OLLA and the mesmerizing TIORA laser harp spectacle, ensuring an unforgettable experience from the red carpet to the awards stage.

From indie fashion brands to blockchain innovators, the ceremony celebrates trailblazers in the fashion-tech sphere, reflecting the dynamic convergence of style and technology.

Step into the world of fashion’s finest minds of extraordinary members of our esteemed judging panel. From visionary fashion & WEB3 innovative entrepreneurs, each member brings a unique perspective and unparalleled expertise to the table. Get ready to be inspired by their creativity, dazzled by their insights, and captivated by their passion for pushing the boundaries of fashion.

Introducing Awards main sponsor, KMUniverse, led by the visionary Dr. Jacques DURAND, a French doctor renowned for his insatiable curiosity and thirst for discovery. Dr. DURAND’s illustrious career began with scientific expeditions to remote corners of Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia, culminating in the establishment of national parks and acclaimed documentaries. As a pioneering knowledge entrepreneur, he spearheads innovative concepts merging immersive technologies with well-being. Collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs, Dr. DURAND champions groundbreaking events such as the “Digital Fashion Awards” and “AI Movie Awards” at the Cannes Film Festival to connect with fellow optimists and creative minds shaping the future.

Alla Ouvarova, a distinguished presence on the esteemed judging panel, lends her wealth of business acumen to the awards. As the mastermind behind the acclaimed Two Chicks brand, Alla, alongside her business partner, has disrupted the European retail landscape by introducing liquid egg products that had previously only been available in the US market. Championing female empowerment, she spearheads the impactful initiative, Future Female Entrepreneur, igniting ambition in aspiring women leaders. Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Alla’s athletic prowess shines in her competing at the highest level in global Hyrox events. Juggling her roles as a business luminary and devoted mother of two, Alla embodies the essence of success both personally and professionally.

Introducing esteemed member of Awards jury, a Trailblazer in Crypto and Web3, Andrés Meneses, a dynamic serial entrepreneur and Chairman of Media Group, stands as a formidable force in the realms of crypto and Web3. Boasting a staggering following of over 3 million across social media platforms, Andrés wields his influence with finesse and innovation. His journey is peppered with notable achievements, including being named Influencer of the Year at the Middle East Blockchain Awards and clinching the title of Web 3 Podcast Winner at the AI & Blockchain Awards. With a finger on the pulse of industry trends and a commitment to excellence, Andrés is a transformative figure in the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies. His visionary leadership and unwavering dedication make him an invaluable asset to the judging panel, ensuring the recognition of innovation and excellence in our endeavors.

Hailing from Hong Kong, Olivia Lee emerges as a pioneering leader in the digital fashion revolution. As a forming member of the judging panel for the Digital Fashion & Crypto Awards during the Cannes Film Festival, Olivia brings her unparalleled expertise to the forefront. Co-founding LIVVIUM, a consultancy driving fashion, beauty, and lifestyle into the immersive realms of the metaverse, Olivia’s visionary leadership sets new standards. Recognized as one of the “Top 100 Global Women of the Future of Emerging Tech,” her influence transcends borders. With her digital avatar “LIVVIUM,” Olivia explores over 20 metaverse platforms, enriching her insights and establishing her as a sought-after strategist in navigating the digital frontier. Olivia Lee is not just a participant; she’s a defining force shaping the future of digital fashion integration. With her sharp eye on the voting process, Olivia ensures integrity and excellence in the awards selection.

Delighted to welcome Eduard Kalivoshko to the esteemed judging panel, renowned as a highly acclaimed international expert in luxury management and fashion. With an extensive background in both sectors, Eduard brings unparalleled expertise and keen insight to the awards’ panel. His profound understanding of fashion trends, combined with his experience working in luxury property with HNWI clients, will undoubtedly enrich the awards’ judging process. Eduard’s discerning eye and industry knowledge will guide the awards towards recognizing excellence and innovation in these dynamic industries. We are honored to have Eduard’s expertise.

Anna-Maria List
, a seasoned member of judging panels, serves as Ambassador of Emirates Fashion Week in Dubai, representing numerous international shows. Renowned as a beauty competition champion, she’s also a photo model and fashion expert. Anna-Maria scouts and nurtures new talents in the fashion realm. Beyond fashion, she’s a successful real estate investor, fashion producer, hotel business owner, nutrition specialist, and osteopathic trainer with international government certification. Her multifaceted expertise and unwavering dedication make her an invaluable asset to the fashion industry and beyond. Her vote is invaluable for the discerning process.

MUA & hair @isabellabella_official dress @nuelve 

Photo by @zelenayalolita

Svitlana Kashcheieva, known as @lana_verinas, is the visionary founder of World Fashion Week, spanning iconic cities such as Dubai, Seychelles, Malaysia, Maldives, Paris, Milan, Japan, and Portugal. Her journey from humble beginnings to establishing this global empire was filled with obstacles, yet she conquered them with unwavering dedication and perseverance. As a trailblazer in fashion modeling and entrepreneurship, Svitlana’s story is one of resilience and determination. Her commitment to spreading the magic of global fashion and her ability to overcome challenges make her an invaluable member of the awards jury, bringing unparalleled insight and expertise to the judging process.

As the curtains draw to a close on the Digital Fashion & Crypto Awards by PORTERIUM & DFMag, the collaboration with leading media entities has magnified its reach, captivating over 11 billion readers globally. Monaco-based Porterium Magazine, VSD Meta Couture, and VSD Digital Fashion Academy stand at the forefront of this partnership, joined by esteemed publications like TheGlam Luxury Lifestyle Magazine and eco-luxury VisionaireMoralModa. With media giants such as Yahoo Finance and Vogue in attendance, the event promises unprecedented visibility. 

As the evening crescendos, the Digital Fashion & Crypto Awards by PORTERIUM & DFMag culminate with a stunning performance: the TIORA (Half Human / Half Avatar) World’s First Laser Harp Show. Curated by Margaux Pohosian of Margaux MGMT, Monaco-based Marli Dresses X Victoria Silvstedt Collection & VSD Meta Couture take the spotlight, unveiling an innovative fashion show that defies convention. Blending digital and physical elements, this collaboration promises to captivate with its visionary designs and avant-garde concepts. As models strut the runway in these extraordinary creations, attendees are transported to a realm where fashion intersects with technology in the most spectacular manner.