Mastering the Art of Influence: John Ferguson’s Expertise in Persuasion and Sales

John Ferguson embodies the essence of an “Other-Centered Leader” and has dedicated his career to nurturing talent through selfless service. Currently, he thrives as a Sales Consultant and Trainer at ASLAN Training & Development, while also contributing as an Adjunct Professor at DePaul’s Kellstadt School of Business. His reach extends globally, where he conducts workshops and training sessions across continents, including Asia, Europe, and India.

With extensive experience, John has collaboratively worked with both multinational corporations and small to medium-sized enterprises across diverse fields. His journey includes stints as a CEO in a publicly traded company and other senior management roles in both private and public enterprises. He has honed his skills in turnaround scenarios and boasts a wealth of expertise in Senior Sales Management and SVP Sales positions at reputable firms like Getty Images and Inforte. Furthermore, John has held pivotal sales roles at renowned companies such as Coca-Cola USA and Quaker Oats, bringing with him a robust background in strategic planning, execution, and operational management.

Through his career, John has gained a multifaceted perspective on mergers and acquisitions, specializing in fostering business growth, uncovering novel prospects, and streamlining operations for optimal efficiency. His academic foundation includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing from Michigan State University and an MBA from DePaul University’s Kellstadt School of Business.

With over three decades of experience in the sales arena, John’s passion lies in empowering sales professionals to excel. His enthusiasm for conversing, coaching, and educating spans a diverse range of topics, including:

  1. The Art of Persuasion: Mastering the Art of Influence to Achieve Your Objectives.
  2. Enhancing Receptivity: Shifting Focus from the Seed to the Soil.
  3. Driving Receptivity: Emphasizing the Crucial “Ps” – Priority and Pressure.
  4. The Power of Influence: A Comprehensive Guide to Persuasion Skills.
  5. The Science of Influence: Proven Techniques for Changing Minds and Winning Hearts.
  6. The Psychology of Influence: Unraveling the Workings of Human Thought and Behavior.
  7. The Influence Effect: Strategies for Cultivating Personal Empowerment.
  8. Converting the “Un-Receptive” into Willing Participants.
  9. “Taking the Trip” to Foster Receptivity.

With a remarkable 33-year career in sales, John’s dedication to helping others succeed shines through in his every endeavor.