EmTech Invest: FD CAPITAL x GW Capital AG and the Congress Press Conference, converged luminaries and leaders Alena Yudina, Dariia Vasylieva, Anna Stukkert in Davos 2024.

TOP 10 Investing Trends for 2024 in Davos

Navigating the Future of Investment and Technology *January 16, 2024, Davos – Economic Forum*

EmTech Invest 2024 FD CAPITAL x GW Capital and the Congress Press Conference, a landmark conference traditionally held in Davos, convened on January 16th at the prestigious Steigenberger Icon Grandhotel Belvédère during the Economic Forum. This year’s event, hosted by Alena Yudina from EmTech Invest and Quantum Leap Strategy, and Dariia Vasylieva from FD CAPITAL and GETVISION, Anna Stukkert the organizer and President of the International Investment Congress Awards spotlighted pivotal investment trends for 2024. 

Anna Stukkert hosted the Congress Press Conference and presented the main partner of the Congress Press Conference, Magnum Estate, as a vivid example of profitable investments in real estate in Bali.

Andres Senkovs of Magnum Estate Indonesia presented groundbreaking investment opportunities in Bali’s real estate market, highlighting the firm’s impressive 60- fold turnover increase from 2019 to 2023 and ownership of  the 6GA. Bali, now a global real estate magnet, draws diverse investors, with the Asian market contributing 10-15% of total investments. Despite construction challenges, Bali’s real estate sector gracefully transitions toward townhouses and upscale complexes. The EmTech Invest Press Conference Awards in Davos 2024 featured Magnum Estate Development, indicating collaborative plans with Stukkert’s Company for Bali.

Having extended its reach globally, Magnum Estate holds partnerships across the United States, Canada, Europe, the United Arab Emirates, Monaco, Singapore, and Southeast Asia. The company’s ambitious five-year plan involves designing, buil- ding, and operating 500 high-end hotel-style real estate projects, focusing on Asian and Central Asian regions.

Magnum Estate’s roots in Bali, a global trend in tourism and real estate, are explo- red through the Bali Trend. The article delves into the company’s pivotal role in tran- sforming Bali’s market and addresses queries on investment motivations, safety considerations, the leasehold system, and market dynamics. Anticipating a shift to- wards townhouses and 5-star complexes, Magnum Estate remains a influential player, shaping real estate trends in Asia and beyon

Anna Stukkert support the Magnum Estate Press conference on the topic of profitable investments in Bali real estate in Cannes France during the season of MIPIM 2024 in 12-15.03.2024.

Among the illustrious speakers gracing the event was H.E. Ngurah Swajaya, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Indonesia to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. His profound insights illuminated the strategic imperative of nurturing amicable and investment-driven relations between nations, emphasizing the pivotal role of diplomacy in shaping the global economic landscape.

According to Prince Henry Erimodafe, CEO of Abrod and Founder of the AfricanHub, the African Diaspora is crucial in harnessing the continent’s economic potential. Beyond financial contributions through instruments like diaspora bonds and remittances, the diaspora’s skills and know-how are instrumental in fostering entrepreneurial ecosystems, driving sustainable development, and ensuring inclusive prosperity. This blend of financial resources and expertise sets the stage for a robust and equitable growth trajectory across Africa.

“Philantropy does not only provide additio nal funds to survive the earlier stages. Philanthropists often are seasoned entrepreneurs who also provide essential network and knowledge which are needed to further grow the company” – shared Wilfred de Graaf, Partner at Heights AI emphasized the role of philanthropy in development of the early brain tumor detection algorithms.

The opening panel discussion, moderated by Dariia Vasylieva, Founding Partner at FD CAPITAL VCaaS firm and GETVISION multi-family office, delved into the nuanced realms of evolving investment strategies. Joined by luminaries like Igor Ryabenkiy, Founder and Managing Partner at Altair Capital Wilfred de Graaf partner at Heights AI, Price Henry Erimodafe, Founder and Co- President of African Transformation Group.

The discussions unveiled the transformative potential of emerging trends, reshaping venture capital landscape, investment decisions during turbulent times, strategic importance of investments in emerging markets and early-stage ventures.

“We’re fostering dialogue among industry leaders to drive innovations and an inter- connected future . With a focus on blockchain mainstream adoption, FD CAPITAL elevates blockchain ventures to institutional-grade investors. Our approach goes beyond traditional venture capital, supporting early-stage Web2 and Web3 startups.” – Dariia Vasylieva, Founder at FD CAPITAL and GETVISION multi-family office.

FD CAPITAL hosts bi-annual events titled Chains Beyond Borders, bringing together Foundations from  L1/L2 protocols with a collective capitalization of over $700+ billion alongside more than 1000 institutional investors, including family offices with $100+ billion AUM, and a micro and mid-sized venture capital funds. These gatherings serve as a distinctive forum where investors and innovators converge on a global scale. The upcoming event, slated for April 2024 in Dubai, will focus on the pivotal role of decentralized finance (DeFi) within L1/L2 ecosystems.

A highlight of the conference was the focused discussion on compliance of digital finance, moderated by Bilal Bin Saqib MBE. Among panelists were: Alena Yudina is AML Officer and a founder of GW Capital, the Swiss regulated digital asset exchange and escrow, Jürg Baltensperger, Managing director of JayBee AG, Switzerland, Alex Pavlov, Daniel Huber is CEO and Founder of A.DNA Data Ltd, Switzerland, Founder of Kauri.Finance and Kauri One, Estonia.

The panel delved into a rich discussion about the evolving landscape of digital finance, drawing from the extensive experience of its speakers, all of whom have been immersed in the cryptocurrency sector since 2017. A pivotal moment came when Alex Pavlov, Founder of Kauri.Finance and Kauri One, conducted a quick poll in the room asking the audience if everyone has a wallet. Reflecting on the panel’s insights, Pavlov remarked, “It turns out, not everyone is in crypto yet; even at the fintech event, less than 50% of the guests have a crypto wallet as if it were something new, especially in light of questions about ETFs. This underscores the significant potential that still exists. It can also be good news for new products, such as Web3Bank Kauri.Finance, if they are designed to be simple, user-friendly, and safe gateways into the world of crypto.” From the compliance angle, we have all the guidelines in place, be it from the FATF or the Swiss regulatory perspective.

I’m thrilled to host EmTech Invest for its 5th year in Davos. Seeing trends and investors converge at our meetings boosts growth and collaboration. This year, we celebrated the launch of GW Capital, a Swiss-regulated digital asset exchange and escrow, and organized a panel on digital compliance, marking a new era for crypto businesses in Switzerland.” – Alena Yudina, Founder, Quantum Leap Strategy and EmTech Invest.

Alena Yudina, a prominent leader in Switzerland’s blockchain ecosystem, AML Officer, founded EmTech Invest in Davos in 2019. The event has hosted over 2,300 attendees and top speakers, managing over $450 million in assets under management (AUM). Based in Switzerland, she serves as CEO of Quantum Leap Strategy AG, a strategic management and financial advisory firm specialized in business development for FinTech companies and establishing legal setups for them in Switzerland. Showcasing her expertise in tech investments, Alena continues to lead initiatives that drive innovation and regulatory compliance in the FinTech sector.

EmTech Invest events goe further in March 2024 with the WOW Summit in Hong Kong aiming to gather the most influential tech leaders of the Web3 field and comes back to Davos in January 2025.

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Prestigious event uniting investors, PE, VC, hedge funds, traders, family offices, HNWIs, government representatives, and journalists. This exclusive annual meeting in 2024 is supported by international investors gathered by FD CAPITAL and reputable lawyers and compliance professionals joining the discussion together with Swiss exchange and escrow GW Capital AG. The event is an ideal platform for elite networking and influential connections in the realms of technology and investments.


FD CAPITAL, is a VCaaS firm redefining the investment landscape in the rapidly evolving Web3 market. Their distinct business model provides investors with unparalleled access to a diverse array of burgeoning blockchain ventures. Beyond offering financial support, FDC delivers a comprehensive package of services, including essential funding, strategic advisory, and valuable resources, all designed to elevate early-stage startups and entrepreneurs with a focused strategy to achieve mainstream adoption.

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GW Capital is a regulated Swiss Digital asset exchange and escrow. Operating from the heart of Switzerland, it is committed to quality and compliance, providing tailored solutions for fintech companies and professional investors. The team of experts in Zug offers exchange and escrow services for traditional finance and crypto as well as strategic financial management and consulting, empowering businesses to unlock their true potential and achieve financial success.

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Stukkert&Co is a professional real estate and investment event management company, renowned for organizing high-profile events, including the annual Congress Awards ceremony held across various European countries since 2016. Congress AWARDS Munich-Berlin-Monaco-Paris-Cannes-Davos 2016-2024 received by: Bolat Nusupov – Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nabijon Kasimov – Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan to Germany, Yusuf Maitama Tuggar – Ambassador of Nigeria to Germany, Anthony Lubinda Mukwita – Ambassador of barbla to termiany to Germany, Shaji Ul Mulk – Indian billionaire, CEO Mulk Holdings, In TOP 10 FORBES, Laurent Anselmi – Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Monaco (2019-2022), Chief of Staff for Prince Albert II of Monaco, Baron Louis Petiet – Mayor of Verneut sur Ave, honorary Mayor in Normandy- France, Hadi Al Alawi – Chairman and founder of Al Hayat Group. H.E. Ngurah Swajaya, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Indonesia to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, God Nisanov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kievskaya Ploshchad company. 


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