Investor Support Prevails: Wizz Air Backs Extension to CEO’s £100 Million Bonus Plan

In a closely-watched decision, shareholders of Wizz Air Holdings Plc have given their nod to extend Chief Executive Officer Jozsef Varadi’s lucrative £100 million bonus plan. The move, which faced notable opposition from significant stakeholders, underscores the intricate balancing act between executive compensation and shareholder interests.

  1. The Visionary Value Creation Plan:
    • Detailing the £100 million bonus plan designed to incentivize CEO Jozsef Varadi, contingent on a substantial increase in the company’s share price.
  2. Shareholder Vote Outcome:
    • Revealing that 74% of shareholders voted in favor of extending the Value Creation Plan, signaling a majority support for the proposed changes.
  3. CalPers and Opposition from Major Owners:
    • Highlighting the significant opposition from major owners, including CalPers, a prominent pension fund, and analyzing their concerns regarding executive compensation.
  4. Consultative Approach to Governance Matters:
    • Emphasizing Wizz Air’s commitment to continued consultation with major shareholders on not only remuneration but also broader governance matters, reflecting a dedication to transparency and shareholder engagement.
  5. The Rationale Behind the Bonus Plan:
    • Discussing the strategic goals and growth targets that underpin the Value Creation Plan, illustrating the alignment of executive compensation with the company’s long-term vision.
  6. Performance-Linked Incentives and Shareholder Value:
    • Examining the correlation between performance-linked incentives for top executives and the creation of shareholder value, as well as the potential benefits to stockholders.
  7. Transparency and Communication with Stakeholders:
    • Analyzing the importance of clear communication and transparency in executive compensation plans, and how this fosters trust and collaboration between the board and shareholders.
  8. The Impact on Corporate Governance Practices:
    • Evaluating the broader implications of this decision on corporate governance practices within Wizz Air and the aviation industry at large.
  9. Balancing Executive Compensation and Shareholder Interests:
    • Exploring the delicate equilibrium that companies like Wizz Air must strike between rewarding top talent and ensuring shareholder value is maximized.


The approval of CEO Jozsef Varadi’s £100 million bonus plan extension is a pivotal moment in Wizz Air’s corporate governance landscape. The decision showcases the company’s commitment to aligning executive compensation with long-term shareholder interests, even in the face of significant opposition. Moving forward, the ongoing dialogue with major stakeholders underscores Wizz Air’s dedication to transparency, accountability, and a shared vision for sustainable growth.

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