Mother & Son Concert Pianists Enchant Audiences in Piano Cleveland’s “Dynamic Duos” Series


In a stunning conclusion to Piano Cleveland’s highly anticipated “Dynamic Duos” Listening Series, audiences were treated to an exceptional performance by a remarkable pair of pianists, Olga and Vladislav Kern. With their undeniable talent and deep musical heritage, this mother-and-son team mesmerized listeners with their captivating piano skills. In this article, we delve into their extraordinary journey, shedding light on their individual achievements and the unique bond that unites them on stage.

Olga Kern: A Pianist with Illustrious Roots:

Born in Moscow and carrying the weight of an extraordinary musical lineage, Olga Kern has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of classical piano. Her family’s ties to renowned composers Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky and Sergei Rachmaninoff have undoubtedly shaped her artistic sensibilities and fueled her passion for music. At the age of 48, Olga’s illustrious career is adorned with numerous accolades and milestones.

The Cliburn Triumph and International Recognition:

Olga Kern’s breakthrough came in 2001 when she triumphed at the prestigious Van Cliburn International Piano Competition held in Texas. Her awe-inspiring performances of challenging compositions by Rachmaninoff not only secured her victory but also propelled her onto the global stage. This momentous achievement served as a springboard for her international career, captivating audiences worldwide with her technical mastery and emotional depth.

A Multifaceted Artist and Educator:

Beyond her remarkable concert career, Olga Kern has also embraced her role as a teacher and mentor. She imparts her invaluable knowledge and expertise as a faculty member at the renowned Manhattan School of Music. Additionally, she holds the esteemed position of director of chamber music at the Virginia Arts Festival, where she nurtures young talents and contributes to the enrichment of the classical music community.

Vladislav Kern: A Rising Star Following in His Mother’s Footsteps:

Vladislav Kern, the son of Olga Kern, has inherited his mother’s exceptional musical abilities. As a gifted pianist in his own right, Vladislav has been steadily making his mark in the world of classical music. With his commanding stage presence and technical brilliance, he captivates audiences with his performances, showcasing a deep understanding of the music he interprets.

Uniting on Stage for “Dynamic Duos”:

The “Dynamic Duos” series by Piano Cleveland provided the perfect platform for Olga and Vladislav Kern to showcase their extraordinary talent as a mother-and-son team. Titled “It’s All Relative,” their program took audiences on a captivating journey through classical masterpieces, intertwining their musical interpretations with their shared familial connection to the great composers of the past.

A Musical Legacy Continues:

Olga and Vladislav Kern’s performance in Piano Cleveland’s “Dynamic Duos” series serves as a testament to the enduring power of music and the bond that unites generations. Their extraordinary talent, coupled with their rich heritage, creates a captivating musical experience that resonates deeply with audiences. As they continue to enchant listeners around the world, they carry forward a musical legacy that embraces both tradition and innovation.


The collaboration between Olga and Vladislav Kern in Piano Cleveland’s “Dynamic Duos” series showcased the immense talent and musical heritage that runs through their veins. With Olga’s remarkable career and Vladislav’s rising star, they embody the magic of a mother-and-son musical journey. Their performances inspire and delight.

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