Ella V: A Visionary of the Beauty and Wellness Worlds

With family values and a persistent sense of responsibility, Ella has worked hard to dedicate her success to her family. Her hard work and generous heart serve as the foundation of the impressive empire she has built with VGlow.

Ella’s leadership style is deeply rooted in principles she learned from her parents, and she takes care to pass on the same lessons to her children. She leads by example, taking care of her team like they are her second family and treating clients with impeccable hospitality. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication, Ella knew she wanted to be around people and learn their life stories. She combines the lessons her parents taught her with what she learned in her classes to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere at VGlow.

“That’s what made me successful in this industry,” starts Ella. “Reliability and trust encompass what I have built from the ground up. I bring people, ideas, and inspiration together to make my family, clients, and employees’ lives better.”

And VGlow Beauty Bar has been doing just that: making peoples’ lives better. Ella is a firm believer that those who feel their best can act their best, and that is the driving force behind her skincare line. She hopes to empower men and women to feel incredible in their own skin, and inspire them to chase their dreams.

“My lifelong health and skin regimen has been a priority for years,” continues Ella. “I would like to share this passion of mine with others with the hope that by taking pride in how we look and feel, we would bring goodness and positivity into the world.”

With innovative skincare treatments and products, VGlow prioritizes improving the skin from the inside out. All products are dermatologically tested, naturally derived, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and not tested on animals. They are also equipped with state-of-the-art technological tools including a Hydrafacial Machine, the Celluma Pro Lights, the PRP Machine, and the Skin Pen. The brand’s commitment to transparency and trust is reflected in Ella’s personal use of the products and the tight-knit relationship between her and her team.

Most recently, Ella has also had the incredible opportunity to continue her practice as a licensed esthetician at Vascular Cosmetics, a medical spa under medical director Dr. Khodaverdian’s professional experience spans several renowned healthcare institutions. He has held positions as a Cardiothoracic Surgeon at Eisenhower Medical Associate and Advanced CT Surgery Group, and has taken on academic roles as an Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Minnesota, and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at Stanford University. Ella is working with Landan Baghaei, the Registered Nurse of Dr. Reza’s medical spa.

She is also proud to announce that she has been working together with Esthemax and Vascular Cosmetics. Launched in November 2022, Esthemax Philippines was launched in partnership with physician and aesthetic surgeon Dr. Maika Slatenzek. Ella’s current vision for Esthemax is collaborating with top beauty schools, clinics, and wellness spas to customize unique treatments.