Building Synergies for a Women-led Clean Energy Transition in India


India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), in collaboration with NRDC India, organized a groundbreaking dialogue on the occasion of World Environment Day in New Delhi. The event, titled “Building Synergies for a Women-led Clean Energy Transition in India,” was a part of MNRE’s Women in Renewable Energy initiative. It brought together women leaders and stakeholders from various sectors to address challenges and explore opportunities for scaling up the implementation of women-led climate-friendly solutions. The dialogue aimed to create a roadmap for empowering women in India’s clean energy future.

Empowering Women for Climate Action

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) during the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow. This public movement seeks to mobilize individual and community action to protect and preserve the environment. As India strives to achieve a clean energy transition, empowering women becomes crucial for advancing the goals of Mission LiFE. By providing policy support, access to finance and technology, and comprehensive skills training, women can play a central role in driving positive change across all aspects of their lives.

Addressing Key Challenges

The dialogue at the Women-led Clean Energy Transition event focused on four key areas: policy, technology, skilling, and finance. Participants included women leaders from union ministries, state nodal agencies, grassroots organizations, technology-use enablers, and financial institutions. By identifying challenges and exploring opportunities in these areas, the dialogue aimed to foster collaboration and create an enabling environment for women-led climate-friendly solutions.

Policy Support: Effective policies and regulations are essential for promoting women’s participation in clean energy initiatives. The dialogue aimed to assess existing policies, identify gaps, and propose measures to enhance women’s inclusion and representation in the sector.

Technology and Innovation: Access to affordable and efficient clean energy technologies is critical for women’s empowerment. The dialogue explored ways to promote technology adoption and develop innovative solutions tailored to the needs of women.

Skills Development: Equipping women with both soft and technical skills is crucial for their meaningful participation in the clean energy sector. The dialogue discussed strategies for providing comprehensive skills training and capacity-building programs to enhance women’s capabilities.

Access to Finance: Adequate financial resources are vital for women-led clean energy projects to thrive. The dialogue addressed challenges related to accessing finance and explored mechanisms for providing women entrepreneurs with the necessary funding and investment opportunities.

Unleashing the Potential of Women-led Climate Action

Women-led climate action has the potential to bring about transformative changes in various aspects of women’s lives. Improved energy access can enhance their health and well-being, while active participation in resource governance can empower women economically and socially. Furthermore, building community resilience through climate-friendly solutions can strengthen the overall sustainability and resilience of communities.


The Women-led Clean Energy Transition dialogue organized by MNRE and NRDC India marks a significant step towards empowering women in India’s clean energy sector. By fostering collaboration, addressing key challenges, and identifying opportunities, the event aimed to create a roadmap for women’s active participation in climate-friendly solutions. As India progresses towards its clean energy goals, prioritizing women’s empowerment through policy support, access to finance and technology, and comprehensive skills development will not only drive the country’s clean energy future but also advance the objectives of Mission LiFE. With women at the forefront of climate action, India can achieve a sustainable and inclusive future for all.

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