Where Desire and Discipline Intersect: The Journey of Fashion Designer Boom Sason


Step into the studio of fashion designer Boom Sason, and you’ll immediately sense a unique atmosphere. The space exudes a certain bareness, not in a cold or isolating way, but rather in a manner that invites vulnerability. This minimalistic approach is reflected in Sason’s creations, renowned for their risqué cut-outs and figure-hugging patterns that celebrate the beauty of the human form.

Exploring Boom Sason’s Studio

Upon entering Boom Sason’s studio, it becomes clear that simplicity reigns supreme. The room is uncluttered, with only a desk and a couch occupying the floor space. Against the pristine white walls, a framed poster from Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour catches the eye, offering a glimpse into Sason’s admiration for the Barbadian singer. Adjacent to the poster, stacks of fashion-focused coffee table books stand tall, almost serving as a makeshift side table. Upstairs in the fitting room, another poster adorns the wall—a captivating collage of Rihanna showcasing her diverse looks.

The Fusion of Desire and Discipline

Boom Sason’s unique style and approach to fashion design stem from the fusion of two essential elements: desire and discipline. Her desire to create garments that celebrate the human body’s beauty, coupled with her unwavering discipline, fuels her creative process. Sason’s designs often feature daring cut-outs and figure-hugging silhouettes, intentionally revealing glimpses of skin and embracing sensuality. Each piece is meticulously crafted with precision and attention to detail, reflecting her commitment to her craft.

The Role of Inspiration

Rihanna’s influence on Boom Sason’s work cannot be overstated. The fashion designer’s admiration for the Barbadian icon is evident throughout her studio, with posters and collages paying tribute to Rihanna’s iconic style. Sason’s fascination with Rihanna goes beyond mere admiration—it serves as a wellspring of inspiration for her own creative journey. The pop star’s fearlessness, individuality, and boundary-pushing fashion choices resonate deeply with Sason, inspiring her to push the limits of her own designs.

The Intersection of Desire and Discipline

For Boom Sason, the intersection of desire and discipline is where true creativity flourishes. Her desire to challenge traditional fashion norms, combined with her unwavering discipline, drives her to create garments that empower individuals to embrace their bodies and express their unique style. By infusing her designs with sensuality and celebrating the human form, Sason encourages her clients to embrace their individuality and confidently showcase their beauty.


Boom Sason’s journey as a fashion designer is a testament to the power of desire and discipline in the creative process. Her minimalist studio, adorned with nods to her muse Rihanna, serves as a sanctuary for her creative vision. Through her risqué and figure-hugging designs, Sason encourages individuals to embrace their bodies and express themselves boldly. By striking the delicate balance between desire and discipline, Boom Sason continues to push boundaries in the fashion industry, leaving an indelible mark on the world of style and self-expression.

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