WEIRD MARKET: A New Take on Streetwear

Contemporary streetwear and loungewear brand WEIRD MARKET highlights the confidence that lies within everyone who wears their pieces. With unique and funky designs, WEIRD MARKET brings a refreshing look into the fashion industry and inspires others to feel confident in their style. 

WEIRD MARKET’s apparel breaks boundaries with every pattern, color, and design. The brand challenges the existing standards of the fashion world and dares its customers to put on clothes that will make them feel good in their skin. WEIRD MARKET gives its customers the courage to express themselves freely and fiercely.

 “The brand advocates confidence, independence, and fearlessness, values the expression of people’s inner feelings and the exploration of self-awareness, and integrates them into product design to convey brand values and capture the minds of consumers.”

The clothing brand sought out to bring romance and poetry back to fashion through the use of diverse materials. Every piece is designed with love and intended to inspire a sense of self-love in its wearers. WEIRD MARKET aspires to shape the fashion trends that flutter the mainstream fashion scene while still holding onto its mission. 

“We hope every woman will … boldly and passionately release her own charm and find the beauty hidden within herself,” said a brand representative. 

In their effort to empower women to be their most authentic selves, WEIRD MARKET has taken on a different approach to avant-garde streetwear. The funky patterns and vibrant colors of WEIRD MARKET pieces give women the power to feel beautiful. With a variety of incredible looks, everyone is bound to find a piece that suits their individual aesthetic. 

WEIRD MARKET launched its collaboration with Barbie™ in July, just in time for the Barbie movie premiere. With both brands aiming to inspire women to be anything they want to be, the pair were a perfect match. Ribboned tops, knitted dresses, and flared jeans all sport the iconic Barbie™ pinks and baby blues.

“Clothing is no longer just a necessity but has gradually evolved into a culture,” said a WEIRD MARKET brand representative.

Additionally, the streetwear brand hopes to open 30 stores worldwide and bring its positive attitude and unique approach to contemporary fashion wherever they go. As WEIRD MARKET expands internationally, the iconic brand hopes to inspire self-expression and self-love. 

Writing Credit : Yamillah Hurtado