Justin Haynes: The Visionary Designer Behind Jus10H’s Innovative Adidas Collaboration

Defying Convention and Embracing Authenticity in the Global Fashion Landscape

Renowned fashion designer Justin Haynes, the creative force behind the brand Jus10H, continues to redefine the contours of the global fashion industry. Most recently, Haynes teamed up with sportswear giant Adidas for a collaboration that stands as a testament to both brands’ authenticity and distinctive style.

A Unique Pairing of Iconic Brands

Designer/Tailor: JUS10H
Photographer: Louie Moreno
Lead Make Up Artist: Sassy Smith
Model: Ray Anthony
Gray Blue plaid Athletic Cotton Knit Leisure Suit

The Adidas X JUS10H collaboration was not your typical merger of two brands. The focus of this unique venture was to pair, rather than blend, the brands. This innovative approach celebrated the distinct ethos of Adidas and Jus10H, allowing each to shine independently, yet in harmonious synergy.

An Unexpected Showcase

Contrary to expectations, attendees at the reveal were greeted not with patchwork tracksuits and sneakers, but with a vibrant display of Haynes’ iconic design flair and creativity. The show took place at the exclusive sports complex “Higher Expectations” in Springfield. Jordan Almore, the complex owner, was thrilled to host this landmark fashion event.

Designer/Tailor: JUS10H
Photographer: Louie Moreno
Lead Make Up Artist: Sassy Smith
Model: Taylor Blue Clarke
Oversized Cotton Stripped Color Blocked Crew Sweatshirt
Athletic Cotton Polyester Pink Melon Athletic Short
Blue Canvas Tote Bag

The collection showcased a striking color palette that masterfully combined shades of blood orange, yellow, black, navy, khaki, gray, and denim. This bold display beautifully encapsulated the marriage of Adidas’ classic sportswear aesthetic with Jus10H’s avant-garde design philosophy.

A Continual Force of Innovation

Haynes’ path to this significant collaboration has been paved with bold moves and groundbreaking initiatives. From holding a unique casting call at Enfield Square Mall to representing his hometown of Springfield at international fashion weeks, Haynes’ daring approach to fashion has continually challenged industry norms.

His designs, worn by celebrities like Disney’s Briana Roy and showcased at prestigious events such as the Oscars, embody his commitment to bringing fashion to everyday life. Haynes’ work has graced the pages of more than 27 major magazines, including Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar, and his influential digital presence extends to his verified Instagram account, @theofficialjus10h, with over 250,000 followers.

Accolades and Recognition

Haynes’ innovative approach and dedication to his craft have earned him a slew of awards, including the “Natural Born Artist Award” (2018-2020), the title of “Best Women’s Ready To Wear Designer” in 2019, and a Fashion and Lifestyle Award from the Black Business Association. His entrepreneurial achievements have also been recognized by leading business publications: Yahoo Finance named him Top Business Leader of 2020, and USA Today honored him as Top Entrepreneur of 2020. Google News even celebrated him as a Lifestyle Fashion Icon.

Looking Ahead

For more about Justin Haynes and his brand Jus10H, visit his official website, https://Jus10h.com, and follow his Instagram account @theofficialjus10h. The recent Adidas X Jus10H collaboration is yet another testament to Haynes’ forward-thinking vision, reinforcing his reputation as a trailblazer in the fashion industry. As Haynes continues to challenge conventions, the world eagerly anticipates his next groundbreaking move.